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Kamata Oda

Having recently completed another project for his photography class, one of landscapes this time rather then his previous more erotic topic, the redheaded student was in one of the buildings labs, developing his shots. Eishi had seen Oda earlier that day in class, and couldn’t resist taking out a lollipop and thoroughly enjoying it in front of his teacher. He giggled a bit when he remembered how his teacher looked at him, and how he stared back innocently. It was too much fun to tease the older man, and the student adored the attention he usually received later. That was truly the core of it, he loved being pampered and coddled and told he was sexy by Oda. It made him feel special.

He continued hanging up a few photographs, scrutinizing them with a careful eye as the images began to develop. Eishi would only choose the best ones to present. The rest would be discarded efficiently. He gave a long stretch, the red cashmere sweater sleeves riding up on his arms, the small red and black plaid skirt cresting the tops of his stockings as he elongated his body like a giant feline, feeling himself relax with the action.

The dark room revolving doors always amused Oda as he stepped into the small cylinder, spinning the back door so that no light entered. There in the dark he was thinking of Eishi who he was about to see, that boy had been turning him on all class, the way Eishi was showing his stockings and sucking on that lollipop, Oda wasn't sure how he'd kept it together. Continuing to spin the door open into the dark room, eyes adjusting to the red light he smiled seeing his lover in there. "Hey beautiful..." he whispered softly as he stepped into the room. In Oda's hand was a basket, containing his surprise for the redhead.

The student hadn’t been expecting a visitor, but this one was a most welcomed surprise. Carefully he finished developing the picture currently in his hands before making his way over to his teacher, smiling coyly. “Hey there yourself…” Eishi countered with a giggle, curious dark eyes examining the basket. “What’s in there?” He asked as he sauntered closer, softly kissing the side of Oda’s mouth.

With a slight smirk the blonde captured his student's lips in the dark room quickly before returning the attention back to the basket. Reaching into it he smiled softly. "Lunch.... I thought you might be hungry..." Taking a couple tuna sandwiches out of the basket and a box of crackers with sliced cheese he blushed. "I'm sorry it's not much, I can't really cook." He blushed a bit, and removed a thermos with coffee as well.

Biting his lip, Eishi was beaming with inner happiness at the sweet gesture. Truth be told he was starved as he hadn’t grabbed anything for breakfast that morning and it was not past 3 p.m. “That was really sweet of you, sensei.” He purred out before turning to clear off the small table behind himself so they could dine. Actually, eating together in the dark room was kind of romantic, since they really couldn’t be seen together out in public around the campus. Pulling up two folding chairs, he sat himself prettily on one as he waited for the teacher to arrange their meal. “I’m starving actually, I haven’t had a chance to eat a thing yet today.” Eishi gave an appreciative smile in the low light.

Smiling softly Oda pulled out the two wrapped sandwiches and started to panic a bit. What if Eishi didn't like Tuna? Would this ruin everything! Maybe he was just being nice by saying he was hungry. With a blush Oda nodded. "I hope you like Tuna, if not I could take you out somewhere you like..." he was a bit worried that nothing was good enough. More then anything the teacher wanted to make his student happy. Taking out two Styrofoam cups he poured them both some coffee. "Gomen, I mean, I don't really know what your favorite foods are or anything..."

With a reassuring smile, Eishi rose from his seat to straddle one of Oda’s knees, facing him as he picked up a sandwich and began to unwrap it. “I like tuna fish.” The redhead whispered into his teacher’s ear softly before he took a dainty little bite and chewed thoughtfully. “It was very kind of you to think of me.” A cute giggle escaped his lips before he continued. “And my favorite foods are sashimi, udon, Caesar salad, and broccoli cheese soup for future reference.” With a wink he took another bite, it was pretty good for being so simple of a meal. Not that Eishi minded, Oda could have just brought the coffee and he would have been in heaven.

The blonde smiled affectionately at the cute little student who was on his lap. God, something about this boy changed the way Oda acted around him. "Awe, Shi-chan, I'm always thinking about you. You're my koi..." he whispered softly and kissed his cheek. "Maybe I'll make you some Udon next time you're over at my place, okay?" Letting his fingers gently stroke his lover’s side he just watched him eat, thinking about how amazing Eishi was.

Noticing that there were two people, two sandwiches and only one person eating, Eishi gingerly set down his sandwich and picked up Oda’s untouched one, unwrapping it and tearing off a bite size morsel with his fingers before pressing it to the older man’s lips. “I like that you’re always thinking about me.” He whispered softly as he licked his full lips. “And I’d love that, sensei. I’ve been missing you.” Eishi pouted cutely, “When do I get to come over and visit again? I like your house, and your futon is so comfortable.” The student teased naughtily. “I hate that we can’t be together in public, I wanted to come sit on your lap all day in class today.” He remarked with a hit of petulance that was in his nature, feeding Oda another bite of the sandwich.

Well, that defiantly was the first time Oda had been fed since he was a small child. However he did enjoy the attention from his lover. Smiling softly he stroked the redhead's back as they sat there. Leaning over to take a sip of coffee in refreshment he smiled at Eishi. "Hm, you're more then welcome to come visit me whenever you want Shi-chan." The teacher nodded and chuckled softly, "Hai, but if I let you sit on my lap in class I'd have to let everyone." He chuckled softly and shook his head.

Alternating between feeding Oda and taking demure little bites of his own sandwich, Eishi giggled at the joke. “I don’t think I’d like that very much if everyone sat on your lap, particularly Megumi, she’s kinda hefty.” He nodded sagely before sipping some coffee himself. “So…do you have another class to teach this afternoon or are you free? Maybe we could go do something…” Or you could do me, which ever you prefer. Eishi thought deviously to himself as he scooted up on his teachers knee a little more so his skirt rode higher and showed the tops of his stocking clad thighs. Technically they could be seen together under the guise of teacher/student relationship, but he certainly couldn’t touch Oda in public. And the student absolutely adored touching Oda, and being touched by him obviously.

Oda smiled softly and nodded chuckling. "Yeah, I don't think I'd want any of them sitting on my lap either, Shi-chan." He'd noticed his koi had held a bit of a grudge at her about the assignment with the self portrait and Oda had Megumi show her pictures to the class instead of Eishi. Before even thinking Eishi had added. "I'm going over to my friend Kenji's this afternoon, he just got back from a semester in China and got engaged to some girl while he was there, I haven't met her yet though. You can come with me if you want." Oda had offered that without even thinking, the problem was, no one knew that the teacher's assistant was dating a male at that point.

Blinking softly, Eishi bit his lip after finishing the last of his sandwich. “Kamata-sensei, I’d love to go with you, but well….” Nervously he rung his hands on the hem of his tiny skirt. “I mean…I can try to make my voice sound a bit more girly.” Although his tone was breathy, it was still obviously masculine. Thinking back to their first encounter, how Oda had insisted he was straight made the photography student leery that he’d told any of his friends about their relationship. Let’s face it; he was dressed like the biggest flamer this side of San Francisco. “What I mean is, I don’t want to embarrass you, or cause any problems.” He added shyly, hiding behind the coffee cup as he took a slow drink, his cheeks infused with a rosy hue. Eishi felt his heart sink a little into the hollow of his stomach, as he purposefully refused to meet Oda’s eyes.

The teacher's eyes moved over to his lover, hand coming to Eishi's cheek and brought the younger man's face to look at him. "Fuck them then." He said determinedly. "You won't cause any problems Shi-chan, fuck them if they have a problem. Because I love you, and you're my Koi, and if they can't deal with that those aren't the kind of people I want as friends okay." The blonde haired man looked seriously at him before giving him a kiss on the lips. "You're my beautiful Shi-chan, and if they're my friends, they'll love you as much as I love you."

Love? Oda loved him? Eishi stared blankly at the other man for a long time remaining silent as his thoughts swirled. He’d never been in love before, he didn’t even know what it felt like. Was he in love with his teacher as well? Eishi wasn’t sure what to think, Oda definitely made him feel things he’d never experienced before, but did that constitute love? It was just far too soon for the student to decipher exactly what his feelings were. He couldn’t say it back until he knew for certain, that would be unfair to the older man. Instead he just gave an embarrassed and shy giggle, taking another slow sip of coffee. “Ok then, sensei. I’d like to meet your friends then. I just hope it’s not too much of a shock and they’re awkward around me.” The student gave a little bow before finishing his drink.

Hell, Oda himself wasn't quite sure what he'd just said to the other. All the man knew was that he wanted his lover to feel good and not worry about having to please anyone. Except maybe himself in bed. However, the others words were a good thing and he nodded, getting the response he wanted, did this mean he had to come out now? Oh well, Kenji had always been pretty liberal and he wasn't really too worried about it, besides, Oda wasn't gay. He was just in love with Eishi.

Standing from Oda’s lap, the student tidied up their mess, throwing out the sandwich wrappers and their empty cups before straightening his stockings and fixing his long red hair. “Thank you very much for lunch.” He bowed to his lover before he checked the status of his prints, deciding that they could dry a bit more and it’d be safe to leave them overnight provided he remembered to lock the lab after himself. Sauntering back over to his teacher, he stood in front of Oda, his hip jutting out provocatively though he wasn’t conscious that he was doing so – it was just Eishi, and Eishi was simply sexy in everything he did. “Do you want to go now?” He queried, twirling a few locks of crimson around his finger. In the back of his mind, the other’s words still echoed love, but he really couldn’t think about that at the moment.

Trying to control the urge to fuck his lover right there in the dark room, Oda somehow held it together. But, by god, that redhead was just so sexy. With a nod, Oda stood himself with a smirk. "Come on, we can leave campus together, if anyone asks I'm taking you to this little camera shop I know that gives film discounts to University of Tokyo photography students." He commented motioning for the other to join him as they exited.

“Got it.” He nodded. Winding himself in his fuzzy waist length coat, Eishi grabbed his bag and followed Oda out of the darkroom, making sure to lock it behind him. The photography student definitely wouldn’t have minded being fucked senseless in the dark room, but he really wasn’t thinking about it, rather he was trying to calm his nervousness regarding meeting his teacher’s friends. He couldn’t really rationalize why he was so nervous, though he had an inkling it had to do with wanting to be perfect for the older man, and wanting to be perceived as perfect in return. Stepping out of the building into the winter chill, the redhead adjusted his bag on his shoulder and wrapped his arms around himself. “Lead the way.” He nodded to Oda with an unsure smile on his full, red tinted lips.

Okay, now was not the time to be hardcore, but Oda was in nothing more then a sweatshirt, however he was determined to not look cold and prove too Eishi how tough he was. Maybe the teacher had a bit too much testosterone going that day, but it probably had something to do with the fact that he was on his way to see his friend. Leading Eishi down the road and down a couple side streets they were soon in a neighborhood or apartments, surprised at how quick the chilly weather would make them walk. "By the way, Kenji's girlfriends name is Hua, although I'm not sure I'm pronouncing that right. I always did horrible in Chinese class in high school."

The redhead had wanted to wind his arm around his lover as he watched him walk with hunched shoulders. Eishi could tell the other was cold but trying not to let on, and he thought that was incredibly sexy. It was hard for him to keep up in his high-heeled chunk boots but he tried his best, managing to keep a few paces behind Oda in their walk, nearly slipping a few times because of the ice on the pavement, but if his teacher could put up a brave front so could he. It was freezing out and with little to cover his slender legs; he was just as cold he surmised as the older man to be. His teeth chattered uncontrollably as they finally made their way to the appropriate street, his cheeks red from the wind he could only nod as Oda spoke, praying inwardly that they were almost there. His heel caught a bad patch of ice and Eishi lunged forward, catching his teacher’s arm to remain upright. “Oh, I’m sorry.” He blushed and detangled himself to stand upright again, feeling silly and clumsy.

Once Eishi stood back up, Oda slid his arm around his shoulder, slowing up and walking step-in-step with Eishi. The blonde figured they were almost there so he could risk being seen as there wasn't really anyone around. With just another two blocks they were standing in front of a relatively small apartment complex. Pressing the call button Oda waited for a response. When they were buzzed up, the teacher lead Eishi up three flights of stairs to Kenji's apartment, as he knocked on the door.

It took only a mere second before Kenji opened the door. "Hey dude!" he smiled happily, having his arm around the waist of a small feminine girl. The girl smiled politely at them, and Kenji gave Eishi a nod.

Oda nodded. "Hey, Kenji, this is Eishi." He commented softly and moved to bow to the girl. "And you must be Hua,"

Eishi was a bit unsure of how to act, whether to play off he was a woman or not. He decided it was best to speak as little as possible as to not disgust his lover’s friends. Giving a polite bow, he muttered a very audible and shy, “It’s a pleasure to meet you both.” Oda’s friend had a very open and honest face, and his fiancée was stunningly beautiful. He waited for the older man to lead them inside, remaining quiet and shy, and decidedly un-Eishi like in that respect. More than anything though he didn’t want to do or say anything to embarrass his lover. Though he was dying to know where Hua got her shirt as he was already coveting it.

Kenji smiled softly and nodded. "Hey, Eishi, it's nice to meet you." If Kenji thought anything strange of the man with his friend, he didn't show it. Although, Hua was looking rather strangely at Eishi, she was just more then likely just admiring the platforms the way that Eishi liked Hua's shirt.

As Kenji led them to the living room and Oda took a seat on the couch motioning for Eishi to sit next to him he smiled. "So, I'm guessing there was at least something good about China." He smirked softly and laughed. "All the girls at the bar will be upset dude; you promised you'd have them all over when you came back."

Kenji was a dark haired man, a bit taller then Oda, and wore almost the same style clothing as his friends. Truth be told he and Oda used to go out in pairs to pick up women at bars, as they both know women go everywhere in twos. But even if Kenji was like Oda, he still blushed at that comment. "Oda!" he glared, as if to ask how can you say that in front of my fiancée. "I guess you'll have to show them yourself he smirked."

The redhead felt a bit uncomfortable at the typical guy banter that was taking place. Instead of saying anything, he simply smiled politely at the pair in front of them as he took his seat next to Oda. Not thinking about it he crossed his legs as normal, allowing a view of his stocking clad thighs to the occupants across from them. Truly he didn’t think it appropriate for the teacher to joke like that in front of the other man’s lover, but he kept such thoughts to himself, merely settling in and looking like the perfect trophy date, though he frowned a bit at Kenji’s insinuation that his lover should show them himself.

Those words in reply from Kenji sparked something in Oda, but having the opposite effect of what Kenji had been planning more then likely. Instead Oda leaned over and gave his lover a kiss on the cheek, taking Eishi's hand he let their fingers entwine and their hands lay on his lovers lap. "I think I'm going to have to pass on that offer Kenji." He commented softly.

Kenji seemed like he'd seen a ghost at was Oda had done, but of course he would when the man he used to pick up chicks with is kissing a guy in front of him. Hua however didn't seem to find it strange at all, and the teacher had a lingering suspicion that the Chinese women thought his lover to be a women.

However the teacher just smiled softly at them both and commented. "As I said, this is Eishi, my boyfriend." The women seemed a bit startled as she heard the word boyfriend and blushed looking down.

The dark haired man just nodded though and looked at Eishi. "Gomen, Eishi-san. You'll have to forgive my rudeness before though, as I've known Oda for almost 4 years and he's yet to date anyone, and I've never seen him take an interest in men either." Kenji nodded a bit and bowed. "I would never have said such a thing about him going off if I'd known you two were involved together." Okay, Kenji was a bit of a gentleman, but only when it came to women, and well, now Eishi.

Not quite knowing what to do, Eishi bowed to the other man across from him. “Please, it’s okay, I’m sorry if I shocked you Hua.” He felt very small and insignificant despite being the center of attention now. Clearing his throat he started softly, “Kenji-san, I don’t think Oda sensei knew of that as well until he met me.” He blushed and chuckled softly, winding his arm around his lover’s softly, being clingy, but not so much to freak out the hetro couple in their midst. “I don’t mean to offend either of you.” He remarked sharply. “If I’m offending in anyway I’ll leave.” Eishi assured comfortingly, the last thing he wanted to do was to offend Oda’s friends.

Kenji couldn't help but laugh at the comment and nod. "Good to know, although I guess it explains why he never got serious with any of those girls..." The man shook his head. "No no, Eishi-san, you're not offending anyone." He smiled softly. "Actually it's nice to have you here, so seem to keep your boyfriend a little more down to earth."

Hua still seemed a bit in shock though and looked at him; she spoke softly in accented Japanese. "I'm sorry, I just, did not realize you were a man," She blushed and looked down.

Oda tugged Eishi a bit closer and smiled softly. "It's okay Hua, before I ever heard Eishi speak I thought he was a woman too..." he admitted softly. "He's just so beautiful." Oda fawned over his lover a bit kissing him on the cheek.

Biting his lip he truly felt a bit embarrassed by the shock that Hua must have been feeling. “I’m sorry Hua, I didn’t mean to upset you.” He gave a respectful bow to her before smiling at Kenji. “Thank you, I appreciate your kindness.” He giggled softly at his memory of Oda insisting he was straight after their first encounter. “I guess you could say I swayed him to the dark side.” He nuzzled his teacher softly, a bright grin on his face. Carefully he complimented the girl in Kenji’s arms, “I do like your shirt.” He spoke in effortless Mandarin, one of the things he’s picked up from his grandmother who was Chinese herself. “It’s lovely and looks stunning on you.”

Oda chuckled at his lovers reference of him turning to the dark side, but as he heard Eishi speaking Mandarin he was floored. Okay, so he had no idea his lover was multilingual.

Hua did ease up a bit, as it seemed she was not only uncomfortable about Eishi but even more nervous about speaking Japanese. She smiled and him and nodded, replying back in Mandarin. "Why thank you! I've been admiring you boots this whole time. You must tell me where you got them.... I haven't lived here long and I really don't know much about where the good shopping is in the city?"

The redhead smiled brightly at the young woman, still leaving Kenji and Oda out of the conversation as he responded fluidly in a tongue he’d mastered. “Oh I got them in Shibuya. If you’d like sometime I’ll take you down there. The shopping is great, and I know the places you can get really good deals.” He concluded before slipping back into Japanese effortlessly and addressing Kenji, “So when’s the big date, if you don’t mind me asking.” His hand caressed Oda’s softly as if reminding him he was still there and very much aware of his teacher’s presence.

The Chinese women smiled at Eishi happily. "Thank you so much, Eishi. That would be a lot of fun." Kenji smiled at Eishi, and nodded. "July 7th" He commented with a smile. "You and Oda are of course invited..." he nodded with a smile. Hua listened and smiled. "Eishi-san, will you help me pick out my wedding dress? I don't have any friends or family around here, they're all back in China..." she commented softly.

Oda noted how good his lover was at taking the tenseness out of the situation. He truly was a wonderful caring person, it was no wonder Oda had fallen in love with him.

The redhead nodded happily at the woman’s query. “Of course I’ll help! I’d be honored.” He bowed to Hua softly before adding, “Thank you Kenji.” He truly hoped he and Oda would still be together come their wedding date. Biting his lip softly he spoke quietly to the two on the couch facing them. “Thank you for being so kind to me.” The implication being of course that he was a guy and Kenji’s friend’s lover – his male lover at that.

Kenji nodded and smiled at Eishi. "Eishi-san, don't worry, we hope to see you around here often. And besides, you get major props for putting up with Oda, because if I were in a relationship with him I'd probably go crazy from too much time with him." He chuckled softly and smiled.

Oda however didn't seem to find that comment funny as he glared at his friend. Kenji just brushed off the look from his friend and continued, "And I hope you know that you're always welcome here, and it's so kind of you to become friends with Hua. Especially as you have such wonderful Mandarin.”

The student giggled as he was told he was putting up with Oda. “He treats me very well, Kenji.” Eishi remarked shyly before offering up his next bit of insight, “I like how Kamata sensei treats me.” He noticed the glare that passed between friends and held onto his lover tightly. Resuming his mandarin he blushed softly at the girl, “I haven’t had much use for my other language, its nice to be able to use it again.” Eishi blushed more and hid his face in Oda’s neck. “Hua you’re lovely, I’d love to show you around.”

The blonde haired man chuckled softly and ran his hands over the others long red hair, not really saying anything which was strange for Oda as he normally was one to remain the center of attention.

Kenji raised an eyebrow. "A student?" he smirked happily. "God, Oda's breaking rules and dating now. Who knows what would come next..." he chuckled. "You're boyfriend was normally one to be paranoid to make a copy at work without permission."

Oda felt embarrassed. "Hey! I just didn't want to loose my job dude."

Not having realized he’d accidentally slipped and called Oda his teacher until it was pointed out, the younger of the pair blushed brightly. “Oh, I’m sorry.” He muttered to his lover sincerely before addressing Kenji. “Yes, he’s my photography teacher this semester. He’s an amazing teacher at that.” Eishi exposed the prowess of the blonde with a shy smile, inwardly beaming that the normally straight laced man would break such a huge standard of protocol just for him. If Kenji was to be believed, Oda must have really loved him to risk his career for him. That thought made him blush further as he nuzzled his lover’s neck and gave a soft kiss below his ear.

The blonde haired teacher was strange when it came to following rules, he'd only follow them when he understood the reason for them to be creative. He wouldn't have made copies because it would cost the university money. However, him dating Eishi wasn't causing harm to anyone, and there for Oda didn't mind.

Kenji chuckled softly. "Man, when did you start teaching, man? I remember you trying to show me how to play some card game a few years back and you couldn't teach for shit; dude."

Oda just chuckled softly. "I'm not really teaching, I'm being a TA it's part of the requirement for the masters program in photography at University of Tokyo." Kenji nodded, figuring that made much more sense.
Eishi was quick to jump in, “Oh but he does teach, very well. He leads our small break out group and his critiques are extremely helpful.” The redhead hurried on, “And he’s shown me some of his work, its phenomenal. I hope that I can encompass so much depth, texture and emotion in my work someday.” He referred to the pictures Oda had shown him when he first went to his teacher’s house, when he wanted to find reference material of how exactly to broach the subject of ecstasy. When the blonde had first taken off his shirt and shown him that toned upper body. Eishi was getting delightful shivers just thinking about his lover’s form. There was no denying that Oda turned him on like nothing else.
The blonde blushed as his lover commented about his work. Oda never felt as though his photography was anything special. Kenji however seemed so interested that he looked at Oda. "Oh, is that so? I had no clue. You'll have to show me some of your photo's some time."
"Uh, sure if you want..." he commented softly and looked at Eishi, whispering into his lover's ear. "By the way, you still owe me those pictures..." he smirked softly, remembering Eishi had promised to model for him.
“You haven’t showed him your work?” Eishi was mildly surprised as Oda was truly a fantastic photographer. “They’re amazing.” He commented to Kenji, “They really blew me away when I saw them. I’m glad I ended up asking Kamata-sensei for help on my assignment.” A small pink blush tinted his cheeks as he remembered exactly how his teacher had helped to inspire him. When the blonde whispered in his ear, he shivered pleasantly, biting his lip before cupping his hand over Oda’s ear and whispering back naughtily. “Maybe later we could go back to your house and I could pose for you.” He ended his statement by taking the older man’s earlobe between his full lips and sucking slowly before pulling away.

Okay, that seemed a bit much for Kenji to watch as he blushed and looked away focusing his fiancée. It wasn't that it really bothered him, but more he felt like he should be giving them privacy and not staring or something.

Oda shook his head and chuckled, just letting Eishi do what he pleased to him. Tugging his lover close he whispered back up in his ear. "That would be wonderful."

Hua sensing her fiancé's nervousness tried to help him out of there. "So Eishi, you'll have to give me your number so we can make plans to go shopping."

The student really hadn’t realized that he’d embarrassed the couple across from them, he was just being his normal flirtatious self, he couldn’t help himself around his sexy teacher. He gave Oda an enticing look and licked his full lips softly, candy pink tongue tracing them before he heard Hua’s request. Turning back to the woman he smiled happily. “Of course!” Eishi waited until she pulled out her cell phone before yammering off his own number happily. “And please, you can call me Shi for short, everyone does.” He winked at her as if assuring it was indeed fine to call him by his nickname. He was thinking of suggesting they all go to dinner sometime in Yokahama. It would be nice to get out with new people and he really did want to get to know Oda’s friends.

Hua smiled happily and nodded, "Shi, alright." She commented happily as she entered the number into her cell phone. Kenji just smiled, you could tell he really loved the women at his side, and was glad she'd be getting out and making friends.

As Oda doted on his lover Kenji received a phone call. Excusing himself and took the car in another room for a moment before returning. "Oda, Eishi, I'm really sorry, but that was my mom, and she wants Hua and I to come over for dinner, so we're going to have to head out."

Eishi rose and bowed politely to the couple. “Oh it’s nothing, don’t worry about it. It was wonderful to meet you both.” He gave a cute little smile before addressing Hua, “Call me anytime and we’ll go out, ne?” He assured before adding. “It would be nice if we could all go to dinner sometime. I mean…if you all would like to.” He understood that seeing a drag queen in private, and going out with one in public were two entirely different things. He certainly wouldn’t blame the couple if they were uncomfortable with that.

Hua smiled happily and nodded as Eishi suggested that. "Yes! That would be so much fun!" Hua seemed to almost jump out of her seat at the prospect of getting to go out with the two once more, as the others stood up. The blonde haired man led his lover up of the sofa, keeping his arm around the student's waist.

Kenji nodded and smiled. "How can I say no to dinner with my best friend and his boyfriend?" With that Kenji chuckled and smiled at him. "It was really nice to meet you Eishi, I didn't think I'd ever meet someone to make Oda settle down. But I see he was just waiting for someone extraordinary."

Oda smiled softly and tugged Eishi closer to him. "Hai, I just had to wait for someone amazing... he really is amazing, isn't he Kenji?" With that the teacher caught the others lips passionately. "You're amazing," he whispered against the others full lips.

All the flattery made the photography student blush. “Oh thank you.” He nodded to Hua and then to Kenji, pushing a few red locks behind his ear before he mewled softly in surprise as Oda kissed him. Eishi melted into that kiss, a small mewl escaping between their lips before he pulled away heavy lidded, looking at his teacher with a sensual passion burning in those chocolate eyes. “We should go.” There was an underlying meaning to those words, and he let Oda figure out exactly what it was before he bid farewell to the couple again with a respectful bow. “We’ll see you again soon then.”

The couple bowed politely back to Eishi as they exited. Oda wrapped his arm around his lover affectionately and sighed. "Baby, you've got to be freezing... those perfect little legs can't be very warm in the skirt and boots." Stopping before they'd gotten on a main street he looked at his lover and tugged Eishi into his arms. There on the street corner he kissed his lover softly and smiled. Oda loved spending time with his lover as he found him to be absolutely amazing. Looking into his eyes as they stood there he whispered. "Do you want to get a cab and go back to my place?"

Trying to seem tough, Eishi tried to brush off the comment that he was cold, but his shivering form said it all. Melting again in that kiss coupled with all the attention, the student nodded softly. “Hai…I mean…if you don’t mind getting a cab.” The redhead clung to his lover tightly. This was what he adored more than anything, the doting, the kindness that his teacher bestowed upon him. Eishi blushed and began kissing Oda’s neck teasingly. “Would you like me to pose for you?” He led his koi’s hand under his skirt to feel the pattern of the tiny lacy thong. “I’d do anything to please my teacher.” He purred out softly. God, what was it about Oda that just made him crave more.

The blonde smiled as he looked at him with a nod, allowing his fingers to slide over the lacey texture of his underwear with a smile. "God. I'd love to photograph you again. You're the perfect model..." He whispered before stealing a kiss from Eishi's lip. "Then I want to take you into my bed, and worship you over and over all night baby." The blonde's hand slipped away and led his lover to the main drag so he could hail down a cab. The teacher opened the door for his student, helping Eishi into the cab before joining him. Oda was looking foreword to the night ahead, knowing it would be one to remember.
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