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Ishin Denshin
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Ishin Denshin - A KaoruxDie DiexKaoru RP's LiveJournal:

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
2:38 pm
So Many Things To Do.... Lets Just Do Two. [NC-17]
The young men hadn't moved for a while, and Shinji was basking in the sweet pain that arched from his legs up his torso. He felt good, lying there in Amanes' bed, warm and safe and happy. He dreaded leaving the sanctuary of the apartment, wished the outside world. The thought caused him to sigh a little and lean his head on his lovers' shoulder, nuzzling the warm skin. Amane had been awake and staring at the ceiling, thinking. He knew that Shinji would have to leave soon, to return to the whorehouse where he couldn't reach him. He felt Shinji stir and wrapped his arms tighter around his young love.
Early in the morning, Down under the sheets...Collapse )

Current Mood: content
Monday, February 28th, 2005
3:12 pm
[ This was meant to be posted after Valentine's day but my muses ran away and just recently came back. Written as a journal entry because.. Sae felt like it xP ]

Mon ami..

Here I sit accompanied by a glass of red wine after having a romantic dinner with myself, yes, it is Valentine's day again. Once again that time of the year has come and just like in the last few years I stand alone still.

I just need a man to love meCollapse )
Sunday, February 13th, 2005
1:32 am
Finding You [occurs before the group RP]
Amane sat up, he decided he had been staying at home way too much. It was time to go out. Who knows, maybe he would miraculously run into Shinji, if his boss hadn't maimed the man. He got out of bed and walked to his closet, grabbing a pair of low hanging, loose fitting jeans. He threw them on as he stumbled to his drawer; he pulled out an old X-Japan shirt. He walked into his bathroom and applied a bit of eyeliner, and brushed his hair. Amane looked at himself to make sure he was presentable and made his way to the front door. As he laced up his boots he was thinking of where to go and decided on a small coffee shop not too far away, he was in the mood for some chai. He made sure everything was off before leaving the apartment, Eishi was out on a date with his lover so he locked the door on his way out and stuck the key in his pocket.

Is it really you?[NC-17]Collapse )
Friday, February 11th, 2005
4:01 pm
Shohei had been in his room for hours, brooding guiltily over what he was feeling and had finally decided that he wasn't going to ask Pyotr to stay with him. If that tall redhead he'd seen at Emulsion's show wanted to date the Russian, he could, and Shohei wasnt going to stop him. It wasnt his place, as a friend or as a man. So when the soft knock rang from his door, he stood to answer it slowly, and when he opened it, seeing Pyotr's finely cut face, he looked down at his shoes.
Just tell me already.Collapse )
Sunday, February 6th, 2005
9:56 pm
From night to fight. (Solo)
The doctor ended up getting home, just after ten, to a dark house. The children, he knew, were asleep and he couldn’t help feel a little bad about coming home so late after talking with his brother that he didn’t have a chance to spend time with his kids on the only day he would really have time to. The man shook that off, though, after a moment and poked his head into each room to whisper a ‘good night’ to them before heading off to his own bedroom.
And the Akiyama family soap opera continues. (Brief mention of m/f sex.Collapse )
3:40 pm
Finally getting admittance to view his lover, Naoki walked down the hallway searching for Zen's room number, looking far far more feminine than usual. He had taken Oda's suggestion quite well, making himself look convincing enough to pass 100% as a female (he was even wearing the false breasts). Once he had found the room, he slowly opened the door, peering in to make sure it was the right room, and seeing his Zen lay in the bed. Seeing him like that made him feel like crying once more but he held back the tears and walked in.
NC-17 at some point!Collapse )
2:38 am
Oh brother where art thou?
Takajiro was able to excuse himself only after his father tried calling Ryuji for over ten minutes. He had attempted to get up the moment after his brother had fled the house only to be shot down with a look and a sharp tug on his sleeve by his wife.

Now, however, he was permitted to leave after a few more sharp words and a message he was to give the younger boy the moment he found him. That, in all, was a blessing to the man- to get out of whatever else Yusuke had planned to dish out.

After a little consideration the doctor boarded the train that would take him to the area Ryuji lived around and took out his cell phone to try calling his brother himself. Maybe the other boy would answer him when he wouldn't answer the phone when their father called.

And he still doesn't have what he deserves//but he keeps smileing everyday//he never really expected more//thats just not the way he was raisedCollapse )
Saturday, February 5th, 2005
8:51 pm
Speak to Me Someone
Ryuji felt like he was being watched the whole time he was in the train. Something about a grown male crying just made people watch him. He felt so alone as he exited, cold from the conversation he'd just had with his father. He wasn't going to see that women, as he wasn't going to give up the only person that had ever made him feel loved and special, Daisetsu.

But still shadows they come/Am I safe in your arms?/Can I be your source/Of love tonight?Collapse )
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
10:24 pm
Carrying a flailing and terrorized man in his arms, it was difficult not to get stared at in the cold of that winter night. Pyotr made his way as best he could to the subway, hoping to god that it would not be too crowded in there. After much effort, he paid and got through waiting in the subway station, trying to calm Shohei as best as he could.
thank you for not leaving me, i don't think my heart could take it.Collapse )
Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
9:12 pm
OC: Just a little fun for the day
Awwww I just thought this was cute, because it didn't dawn on me right away when this started who exactly was pictured here as far as muse avas go....

A fanart done for a contest on my site a while ago...ironically enough...look who it isCollapse )
7:05 am
Group RP Part II
Shohei blinked at Pyotr, didn't recognize him through hazy, watery eyes and a malfunctioning system. His head dropped and rolled to his other shoulder, staring up at the other man with eyes like glass. "Who..." He asked, in a dreamy, lilting voice. "Who~ are you~?"

Part II....Collapse )
7:03 am
RP Event Part 1
The Gas Light was it’s own symbiotic entity that evening, teeming with movement and flow of sweat drenched bodies sliding past one another – punks donned in leather that clung to their bodies in the heated atmosphere, drunk college kids challenging each other to the point of toxic inebriation, girl s in mini skirts with heels so high that they rivaled the height of the males looking at them lecherously from across the bar, and countless other sub groupings of people were milling about after Emulsion’s performance

After the Show....Collapse )
Monday, January 31st, 2005
9:20 pm
Session #2. [Nc-17]
Oda couldn't help but nibble on his lover's neck as he fumbled with the key to the door of his apartment, the red head was just so beautiful and he always wanted to have his hands on him. As he pushed the door open he led Eishi in with a soft whisper to his ear. "Mmm, Shi-chan, let me grab my camera as well as a few useful props and I'll meet you in my bedroom okay baby?"

Ever since they'd started dating Oda couldn't wait to photograph his lover once more, the fact that the first photos he'd taken of Eishi had wound up ruined in the fight from that night. This time, he wanted to keep them, to have them to look at whenever he wanted. Okay, let's face it, Oda wanted them to jack off to.

And I try as I might, I couldn't keep my hands off of you...Collapse )
Sunday, January 30th, 2005
5:40 pm
Happy birthday to me... [Ryuji Solo]
Back to the family and the monotonous every day life of Machida-Shi, Tokyo. It wasn’t that he was hated visiting his family, it was more the fact that the blonde hated going to the suburbs that reminded him of his childhood years. The whole area of Machida was like a prison to him, a reminder of how he didn’t have any friends, of anyone who truly cared about him. Of course, now there was Daisetsu, but everyone knows first loves never work out, so the fact that this was both of theirs first relationship, well that just stacked the odds twice as high against them. The blonde sighed as he let his head lean against the cool glass of the train. “Let’s face it Ryuji, you’re made to wonder this life alone.”

i used to be a superhero//no one could touch me//not even myself//you are like a phone booth//that i somehow//stumbled into//and now look at me//i am just like everbody elseCollapse )
Friday, January 28th, 2005
6:11 pm
A small change!
A small change...the group RP tomorrow will begin at 7 pm instead of 8. Questions? Comments?
Thursday, January 27th, 2005
2:24 pm
2:22 pm
2:20 pm
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
7:14 pm
Group RP Event!
Event: Emulsion CD Release Party
Where: The Gas Light
Date: Saturday - 1/29/05
Time: 8 p.m. EST

Emulsion is releasing their first CD on the East-West label, and debuting it at a show this Saturday! This show is open to the public. Reduced drink prices will be offered and the cover at the door is 20 yen. Come listen to the latest nu-metal sensations, and enjoy an evening of drunken debauchery, loud fucking kick ass music, and more hardcoreness then your pansy emo ass can handle!!

[OC: The event takes place this Saturday 1/29/05 at 8 p.m. EST. I DESPISE AIM chat limitations with a passion so it will take place in the kaoru-die.com chat found at


This is slightly better then AIM, about 90 characters better or so. Feel free to either open several windows with a unique SN for each if you play more then one character or do as I'm going to do, log in as (example) H. and then proceed all posts with either Daisetsu: blah blah blah ryuji <3<3 blah or Eishi:smex smex smex blah oda blah. This is NOT a turn based rp, so if your character has something to say, just say it. The rp will happen after Emulsion's show has ended and people are milling about, drinking, and having a generally good time. This is a chance for your character(s) to increase their base of core aquaintences, meet new friends, or maybe meet new lovers. At 8 p.m. sharp I will be making an introductory setting post, then anyone is free to post when their character arrives, what their character does, and who he interacts with. NPCs are welcome also so long as they've already been established (like Hakuei and Yume). I encourage everyone to join in if you're able to! Have fun and be nice and ya know, typical rules about no OC apply unless your OC comment is in []. For instance wanna LOL, just H: [LOL @ Naoki and Zen!! They're so cute!!] . Got it? Questions, just comment!]
Monday, January 24th, 2005
8:38 pm
Having recently completed another project for his photography class, one of landscapes this time rather then his previous more erotic topic, the redheaded student was in one of the buildings labs, developing his shots. Eishi had seen Oda earlier that day in class, and couldn’t resist taking out a lollipop and thoroughly enjoying it in front of his teacher. He giggled a bit when he remembered how his teacher looked at him, and how he stared back innocently. It was too much fun to tease the older man, and the student adored the attention he usually received later. That was truly the core of it, he loved being pampered and coddled and told he was sexy by Oda. It made him feel special.

Picnic in the DarkCollapse )
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