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Kamata Oda

Session #2. [Nc-17]

Oda couldn't help but nibble on his lover's neck as he fumbled with the key to the door of his apartment, the red head was just so beautiful and he always wanted to have his hands on him. As he pushed the door open he led Eishi in with a soft whisper to his ear. "Mmm, Shi-chan, let me grab my camera as well as a few useful props and I'll meet you in my bedroom okay baby?"

Ever since they'd started dating Oda couldn't wait to photograph his lover once more, the fact that the first photos he'd taken of Eishi had wound up ruined in the fight from that night. This time, he wanted to keep them, to have them to look at whenever he wanted. Okay, let's face it, Oda wanted them to jack off to.

Nodding softly, Eishi giggled as they stumbled inside together, his reluctance to let Oda’s lips leave his neck making walking a little difficult. At his teacher’s request, the student sauntered into the bedroom, dropping his bag carefully onto the floor in the corner before having a seat on the bed. Crossing his legs, he examined his nails, waiting somewhat anxiously for the older man to return. Suddenly he went wide eyed, and quickly fumbled in the pouch of his bag for his mirror, powder and lip stick. If he was going to be photographed his makeup had to be perfect after all. He busied himself with reapplying the red gloss and powdering his face before he deemed himself satisfactory enough to be photograph worthy.

The blonde haired man took a few minutes to return, trying to find one of his camera filters before rushing back to his lover with his camera and a black silk scarf. Smiling at his lover he set the camera down on the bed and looked at him. "You let me feel that thong you have on baby. Can I see it now?" he asked softly hand moving to his lovers skirt and slipping under it to feel the thong again.

Purring the redhead lifted up the tiny plaid skirt to show his lover the black panties with red lacy piping around the edges. Eishi laid back on the bed, taking note of the scarf in his lover’s hands and wondering what he was going to do with it. Last time he’d worn it as a blindfold, but those pictures were destroyed when Oda had decided to be a royal ass. The student was very thankful his teacher had finally come around. “Do you like it?” Eishi asked with an innocent playfulness evident in his breathy intonation.

The pink tongue of Oda slipped across his own lips as he looked at his lover's underwear. Moving to pull the red sweater over his head as he pinned him to the bed and moved to remove the skirt, it was going to take a lot of control for Oda to actually take the pictures instead of just worshiping his lover all night. Running his hands over the exposed flesh he moved to once again blindfold his lover. Okay, so Oda had a bit of a kink with blindfolded beauties.

Arching seductively from the sheets as he was pinned, Eishi mewled softly, the whole idea of taking naughty pictures for Oda turning him on infinitesimally. He lifted his slender arms so his teacher could remove the sweater before falling back onto the mattress with an imperceptible bounce. The redhead bit his lip as his skirt was removed, leaving him only in the waist cinching red and black corset, red and black panties and garter and translucent black stockings. His eyes closed obediently as his teacher placed the blindfold over his eyes, practically holding his breath as he waited for instruction on how to move and pose. “Kamata-sensei…” He moaned out softly, his erection evident already, swelling more in such suggestive attire and lying on his lover’s bed.

The teacher moved to pick up his camera, loading the film as he instructed his lover. "Look innocent baby... scared like you're not sure where you are." He commented attaching a red filter to his camera as he watched Eishi. "Sit up and pull your knees to your chest like you're trying to protect yourself." God, just the sight of his lover was making him hard as he felt his erection push against the edge of his boxers and jeans.

Moving into the requested pose, Eishi pulled his knees to his chest and hugged them, a sultry but innocent pout on his full lips, letting Oda shoot a few before one hand found it’s way towards his face, suckling softly on two fingers. Posing for his sexy teacher was only making the younger man even harder. “What color filter are you using?” He asked curiously, just knowing that a purple one would be perfect to contrast with his hair and the red of his outfit as he tried to stay focused though inwardly he wanted Oda to command him to do debased, obscene things. Eishi shivered at the thought.

"A Nikon Duo-tone that's half way between a red and a purple." Snapping off a few more photos before he continued to instruct the other "Now get up on your hands and knee's but let that beautiful ass of yours face that camera and look back over your shoulder... like you're just waiting for me to come fuck you baby." Inside his head Oda was chanting a mantra of self control, trying to keep from fucking the other then and there.

Licking his lips Eishi rolled onto his side then pushed himself up onto his forearms before his palms braced the bedding, his legs shoulder width apart - spread just wide enough to be suggestive but not so wide as to be lewd or uncomfortable. Looking over his shoulder, his full lips glistened with wetness, parted by a slightly belabored breath as he arched his back, his ass facing the lens. “But sensei…I do want you to fuck me…I don’t have to fake that.” The redhead remarked softly, though he desperately wanted Oda to order him to do more vulgar acts for the camera. He couldn’t wait to see the finish product of their little photo shoot.

Moving so that he could get a better angel he smirked. "Slip your thong off baby, then slip your hand back and tease your ass with your fingers baby." Oda continued to shoot his lover plotting more ideas for the photos. "Then fuck yourself with those fingers baby, fuck yourself like you want me to be fucking you. Show me Shi-chan..."

Obediently Eishi slipped out of his thong, spreading his legs a little wider and looking back at the camera as he slicked his index and ring finger with a vulgar tongue, getting them nice and wet before bringing them between his outstretched legs. The tip of one digit teasing around his entrance before pushing it inside, whimpering softly as he began pressing the finger in and out of himself before adding the second. His back arching concave to convex as he found his inner spot and stabbed against it. “Mmm…Kamata-sensei…oh god….” The twin digits moved in tandem as he spread himself further, his cock standing erect and dripping. “Sensei…” He whispered softly in absolute want of his lover.

With that the teacher couldn't take anymore, setting his camera on auto so that it would sound as though he was still taking photos. Instead the teacher unbuttoned his jeans and watched the redhead more. "Yes, baby, that's so hot. Now roll on your back and tease your cock baby, imagine me taking it into my mouth and worshiping it." Eyes continuing to follow his lover's body his own fingers began to stroke his erection, teasing the drops of precome which had coated the tip of his cock.

An obedient mewl left Eishi’s full lips as he removed his fingers, sliding down onto the bed before rolling over and bending his knees, spreading stocking clad legs widely as he ran his hand over the corset. His palm traveled lower until he’d encased his cock within svelte fingers, stroking himself hotly. Two fingers found their way to his mouth and he began suckling them, his mind traveling to the requested scenario, imagining Oda’s lips around him, suckling him until he was on the verge of explosion then teasing him by pulling away. “Kamata-sensei…god…” Eishi whispered hotly as his thumb smeared a droplet of white around his crown.

The way Eishi moaned his name was pure heaven to the blonde haired lover. His koi never ceased to amaze the way he turned him on. Moving to turn off the camera Oda dropped the rest of his pants and moved to straddle his lover's hips, dipping his head down to lick at the tip of Eishi's erection. The small hands of the photographer unwound his lover digits from Eishi's cock and placed the student's hands on his own. The photographer's own lips parted as he slid his head down his lovers cock, worshiping it in every sense of the word.

“God!” The redhead screamed out sensually as he felt his lover’s lips on his cock, that delicious mouth sliding lower, enveloping him entirely as he gave a minute thrust of his hips, burying himself further in that moist heat. Oda’s mouth on him made erotic shudders claim his diminutive form as he writhed atop the sheets. His own delicate digits wrapping around the breadth of his teacher’s cock and stroking him at a tantalizingly slow pace. The mewls from parted lips seemed endless as the student lost himself in his teacher’s wicked touch. “Mmmm…sensei….so good. I love your mouth on me.”

The blonde's lips slid up and down the others erection happily that he teased him letting his lips linger over the tip and blowing air over his lover's erection. Pushing two fingers up into his lover's mouth, noting the need for lubrication since he'd started sleeping with Eishi, okay, so he'd looked up some sites on the internet about it. "Suck them baby." He whispered before dipping back over Eishi's cock wantonly.

Pulling his own fingers from his mouth, Eishi lavished attention on his lover, licking them erotically, pulling one then the other into his hot mouth and coating them thoroughly. His hips canted upwards again and again, trying to force himself deeper into that perfect mouth, his whole body trembling with a profound lust. “Sensei…please…” He begged shamelessly, needing to be possessed by his lover. The blindfold limiting his site, forcing him into tactile experience only made him even harder. God, he wanted Oda to tie him to the bed and keep him there forever. He couldn’t get enough of the older man’s touch – it drove him wild.

Eishi's moans were amazing and causing Oda's cock to throb as he anticipated being buried deep inside the heat that was his lover. His fingers slid down and pushed into Eishi's body as he teased the tip of Eishi's crown with his tongue. Oda couldn't control himself much longer however as he slid his fingers in and out of his lovers body, stretching him. Removing his fingers Oda parted Eishi's legs as he pushed quickly into him, taking his lover as he was, claiming Eishi as his own.

“Sensei!” The redhead screamed as he felt himself split in half by his lover’s length, the pain careening through his slender form as he bit his lip and waited for the pleasure that would inevitably take hold. Panting softly he spread his legs wider, swallowing hard as he managed to whisper out. “Where’s your camera?” This is what Eishi wanted captured, he wanted sinful images of his lover claiming him so exquisitely. “God, sensei…” His ankles locked behind the small of Oda’s back as he rocked up into him with each thrust. Eishi had to admit it, he was Oda’s whore, he’d do anything to please him, and he’d let him claim and use his body in whatever fashion he wanted. He was utterly addicted to his mentor.

Oda reached across the desk and grabbed his camera shoving it into Eishi's hands unsure what to do with it. He pushed the other's legs back as he groaned loudly. Eishi's body was like heaven to the teacher. Everything felt amazing to him as he pushed further into his lover, taking him once more. Each time with Eishi felt as though it was their first, his body so amazingly tight, and it drove his lover mad.

The camera in his hands, Eishi brought tilted his head upwards, attempting to turn the focus as his lover continued to rock into his body, making it nearly impossible to concentrate. Biting his lip he spread his legs wider, tilting his hips up further so he could fire off a few shots of his lover’s cock invading his body with such delicious accuracy before he aimed the lens at his lover’s face, snapping Oda’s beautifully masculine features in the throngs of ecstasy. Setting the camera aside, he ran his blunt nails down his lover’s chest, growling softly. “Fuck me harder, please Kamata-sensei.” Eishi begged as he made it a point to tighten around each invasion.

The blonde's body shuddered as he heard the words, pushing into him harder. "Fuck... Eishi baby... anything you want." He groaned sliding in and out of the slender body of his lover. His fingers moved out to entwine in some of the red locks as he looked at him. "God baby... you're so fucking hot when you let me take you..." he groaned as he pumped his hips quicker. Eishi owned Oda in every sense of the word, Oda would have jumped off the top of Tokyo tower if Eishi asked him to.

His back arched from the sheets below as Oda took him higher with each thrust within his wanton body, this was the purest ecstasy he’d longed all day to experience, something he’d only ever achieved fully in the arms of his older lover. His breaths came shallowly, such a contrast with the deep invasions his teacher enforced upon him. Eishi shifted, placing his stocking clad legs over his lover’s shoulders, giving Oda a more vertical angle with which to violate him. “Sensei…” He loved calling his lover that in the throws of passion, there was something so taboo it excited him, and to be controlled like he was by a person in a position of authority over him made it all the more sensually depraved. Something that turned the redhead on more than anything. “Sensei…you’re so hard…I love feeling you in me.” Eishi mewled as he fisted the sheets below.

With a loud moan, Oda gave the other what he begged for. Following the other's lead he shifted to his knees so that he could continue fucking his lover, moving deeply in and out of him. His eyes stayed locked on the redhead underneath him as his hand moved to his lover's erection, stroking it in time with his thrusts. "God, Eishi... so fucking amazing..." he groaned before leaning down to nip on his neck, marking Eishi as his. "My koi... my fucking amazing koi..." he groaned, picking up speed with his hips as they continued to make love.

The hand on his cock coupled with the new position sent the redhead spiraling towards the erotic oblivion that was as eminent and natural as sunrise following sunset. In perfect tandem he rocked his body with his lover’s, taking him in as he tightened around each perfect invasion. He felt beautiful, he felt submissive, but most of all he felt adored as those perfect fingers ran up and down his dripping length. “Sensei…so close…” He whimpered as the coils within began winding tighter, like a spring about to explode from sensual tension. There was no doubt in his mind, Oda owned his body completely and was beginning to own his heart as well.

Listening to the others words, the teacher smirked down at his lover. "Yeah baby?" He slowed his strokes on the others erection teasing him as he alternated between the thrusts of his hips and strokes of his hand. "You love this, don't you baby..." He teased Eishi's cock removing his hand to pull out of him and flip Eishi onto his stomach. Leaning over he licked around the edge of his ear teasingly. "Do you want to come for me baby, come hard like the slut you are?" Quickly and without notice Oda pushed back into Eishi, taking him as hard as he could, wanting to drive his lover over the edge.

The break in syncopated rhythm only served to tease the redhead closer to the edge but not quite off of it. Gasping sharply as he heard those words he nodded meekly. “Hai…I love when you fuck me Sensei.” Biting back a moan as his lover pulled out of him, he willingly let himself be forced onto his stomach, wiggling his ass a little to entice before he felt Oda split him in two again. Hot breath in his ear made him tremble with lust. “Oh god…hai…your slut wants to come so bad…” He cried softly, needing his lover’s hand on him again desperately. “Please, Sensei, let me come…” He begged through frustrated tears.

The teacher wasn't going to touch his student's cock again that night. Instead he just pounded into him without mercy. "I want you to come without touching you..." He groaned changing the angle a bit so that he could hit the others prostate over and over. "I want you to come.... from just me fucking you.... show me how much you love it baby..." he groaned harshly into Eishi's ear, wanting his student to show him how much he loved being fucked by him.

“God….” Eishi exclaimed as he was denied his lover’s hand, but the persistent and intense stabs against his innermost spot quickly overrode the need for manual contact with his dewing length. “Please….” He whimpered out a final failed request as the coil that had been wound tighter and tighter finally broke loose and the smaller student came undone, coming hard all over the sheets beneath his undulating form, tightening impossibly around his teacher. “Sensei!! Oh god….I love it….yes…” He moaned out hotly as he rode out the high of orgasm to its fullest degree, his whole body shaking as he tried not to collapse.

Feeling his lover's body tighten around him as his lover road out the waves of orgasm. The teacher continued his thrusts into the others body as the other had tightened around him, but it quickly drove Oda to the edge. With a few jerky thrusts Oda shivered and toppled over the edge with his lover. "God... Shichan!" he groaned, releasing ribbons of his seed into the others tight body, filling his lover. Fighting the urge to collapse, he pulled removed himself long enough to move off of the redhead. Laying down next to Eishi, Oda pulled his lover into his arms, amazed as always of how good their love making sessions were.

Still trembling in the wake of such an explosive orgasm, Eishi splayed himself across Oda’s chest, wrapping one thigh over the tops of his lover’s legs as he draped his arm over his shoulder. The redhead’s breath was still belabored as he kissed the sweat sheened skin of his teacher’s neck. “Sensei, I love how you fuck me and make me yours.” He purred out with a lick to the blonde’s earlobe. “I hope I posed ok for the pictures.” He added as he removed the blindfold, blinking softly as his sight was restored again.

The teacher smiled as his lover moved close to him, he gently stroked the red hair of his lover. "Eishi, you looked amazing in the photos, they're going to be amazing sweetie." Wrapping his arms around Eishi as the blindfold was removed, he looked straight into the red heads eyes. "You're beautiful and amazing, and I absolutely adore you..." Gently he moved to kiss his lips softly and whispered against them. "And I'm falling in love with you."

Blinking softly, Eishi bit his lips as Oda gazed at him intensely. A pink hue rose on his delicate cheeks; the student bit his lip and bowed his head slightly. “Kamata-sensei…I don’t know what it is I feel for you, but I know it’s different then anything else I’ve ever felt before.” Love scared the younger of the pair, he knew inwardly that’s what he was feeling for his teacher, but to admit it was love was the difficult part, and he wasn’t quite ready to do that yet. “I just know I like to be around you, how you pamper me and compliment me, and how you treat me in general. You treat me like a princess.” He giggled softly. “I like that.” Eishi added before stealing a kiss from Oda’s lips.

The teacher kissed his lovers lips back affectionately and moved to hold him closer. "I always want to treat you like a princess..." he whispered softly. "Because you are a princess to me...." Gently stroking Eishi's hair he smiled at him softly. "Mou, Shichan, I've got tickets to a concert Saturday night... that is if you want to go with me. I thought we could use another real date."

Eishi blushed even brighter at being asked out on another date, nuzzling against his lover’s collar bone he nodded. “I’d love to Oda, I love going anywhere with you.” He assured before he pulled away from his grasp to take off his corset, garter and stockings, just wanting to feel his lover’s nude form against his own. Laying back down he covered Oda’s much more muscular form with his own petite frame, folding his arms across his lover’s chest and leaning his cheek against his arms. “I can’t wait.”

Holding Eishi's body close to him he wrapped his arms around him and kissed his lovers cheek. "I can't either...." he whispered letting a yawn escape his lips. The blonde was always exhausted from their love making sessions, Eishi just had a way to take a lot out of him when they were together. "Stay the night with me?" He requested softly. "I just want to hold you in my arms..."

Nodding softly, Eishi let himself collapse fully on top of his lover, shutting his eyes as his breath slowed to normal finally. “Of course koi…I like it when you hold me.” He shivered softly before leaning down to pull the blankets over their bodies, snuggling into the warmth both they and Oda provided. A yawn blossomed on his petal pink lips as he nuzzled the older man. “Good night, koibito.” He whispered before sinking into a sleep, feeling safe in his lover’s arms.
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