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RP Event Part 1

The Gas Light was it’s own symbiotic entity that evening, teeming with movement and flow of sweat drenched bodies sliding past one another – punks donned in leather that clung to their bodies in the heated atmosphere, drunk college kids challenging each other to the point of toxic inebriation, girl s in mini skirts with heels so high that they rivaled the height of the males looking at them lecherously from across the bar, and countless other sub groupings of people were milling about after Emulsion’s performance

The bartenders were their usual egregious selves, giving preference to the drug addled and intoxicated regulars over the young, barely legal sometimes patrons that lined the long bar, holding out cash in tightly clenched fists in hopes of being the next one served. Techno trance now boomed from the speakers which only moments before were resounding with the last guitar riff from Daisetsu’s instrument as the band finished their final song and filed off stage one by one. It was still early, and now was the time for the real action to begin. Several couples took to the dance floor, writhing against each other simulating more depraved actions that would certainly take place later in the privacy of their own dwellings, the sensual beat only codifying their already obvious want.
Making his way from back stage out to the front of the live house, Daisetsu gave several nods and recieved several pats on the back and the assurance that the performance was well done. He scanned the crowd looking for familiar faces, especially for a particular blonde he figured was still near the sound board.

Ryuji has been running sound the whole show, as he'd started doing a few weeks before for Emulsion. He always enjoyed every mintue of it, but this release party just made him all the more proud of his koi. He was looking for him in hopes of being Daisetsu's arm candy for the evening.

The redhead was dressed in a short leather skirt with knee high platform boots and a Bad Batz Maru shirt he'd picked up while he was out shopping the other day, he stood by the bar, giving sultry glances to some of the more interested patrons who glanced his way admiringly.

The teacher was standing next to the red head in his typical jeans and a tee-shirt, trying to make sure that everyone knew the sexy boy was his. He wasn't about to let any fool hit on him, if they did, they'd have to answer to Oda.

Scanning the crowds his eyes ran over a familiar and somewhat surly looking figure clad in leather. Wandering over towards him he called out, "Zen, hey man!" Zen was of course a friend as well as his pot supplier.

Shinji stood near the doorway, looking nervously around. He'd heard that Zen would be here, but he couldn't see him; He couldn't see much of anything, as he gripped his companions' arm tightly in nervousness.

Kaemon entered the club, this was his first time at one of these. He was here for business, scoping out for new employees.

Harumi had dressed up in more of a broken lolita style for this event -bloody eyepatch included-, he was hoping to find certain person here whom he worshipped as a god; though this person didn't know that, of course.

Oh there were so many lovely people there tonight, Eishi was going to make it his mission to talk to as many of them as possible. Turning to Oda he pressed his body up against his lover's whispering softly, "Will you get me a vodka cranberry?"
Sitting near the back of the club, Akuji bit his tongue and attempted not to give in to the temptation to have a drink. The band had been great, and now, he was thinking about slipping out, as the drunken activity was more than he cared to deal with at the moment.

Amane stood next to Shinji, he was too looking for someone. His room mate. He wanted to meet Eishi's lover. He also wanted to meet Shinji's friend who had taken care of him, and give him thanks.

Pyotr probably stood out strangely in that crowd in the club. He was one of the only people who was not dancing, drinking, or otherwise making a loud fool of themselves. Takeshi said that he would meet him up at the club and so he was contended in simply waiting for now, leaning against the wall patiently.

Zen recognized his customer at once and turned to face him, ignoring some kid who was trying to get pot from him, "Hey man, didn't know you'd be here."

The blonde was such a softy for Eishi that he nodded. "Of course sweetie." He commented as he moved to the bar to order the requested drink.

Turning his attention back to the crowd after kissing Oda's cheek softly he noticed a very familiar face over by the door. "Amane!!" He called out, bouncing and waving happily to his roommate before gesturing him over.

The half-Chinese man sat by himself by the bar, a lit cigarette between his lips as he waited for his redheaded companion. He had asked him to come an hour or so ago, hadn't he? He realized he was checking his watch almost obsessively, and squeezed his wrist to try and stop himself.

Miyoko returned from the bathroom, his face freshened up and looking beautiful once more. He had washed off the paint and started again, sweat from dancing destroying it the first time. Returning to the pulsing heat of the place, he weaved himself into the dancing bodies and joined in. -

The artist had been at the show pressed up close agaisnt the bar at the front of the stage for most of it. He always liked to have the best spot. Dressed in a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt he tried to find Pyotr who'd promised him to hang out.

Laughing he gave Zen a manly pat on the shoulder. "How could you know I wouldn't be here man, I just got off stage!" He joked, "How you been anyhow?"

Bouncing out of nowhere, a pair of arms flew around Sven with a giggle. "Ni hao!" he laughed and hugged him tightly. "I'm sorry I'm late."

His head jerked as he heard his name being called. He looked in that direction and saw a familiar redhead waving. He waved back.

But of course Daisetsu should be there, Zen's mind had been wandering off lately and he didn't like it, "Good, good, how about you?"

The teacher was trying to see who it was that Eishi was talking to, making sure he didn't have any compeition. He leaned over and whispere into his ear. "Who's that babe?"

Sven smiled in spite of himself and removed his sunglasses. "You're late," He managed to growl at Sascha, but not without a smile on his face.

He looked at the redhead, squinting a little as a combination of bad light and his poor vision, tensing as he whispered, "Amane... I need to go sit down..." His trembling wouldn't subside.

Not bothering to answer his koi, he grabbed the drink and all but tugged his teacher over towards Amane. "Amane! I'm so glad you made it." He gave a huge smile and hugged his roommate. "I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Oda. Oda, this is my flatmate, Amane."

Blessed be platform shoes when you're short and in a club with so many tall people. After looking around for a while Harumi finally spoted the object of his adoration at the bar; unfortunately, he was with someone at the moment. Haru settled for getting closer but while remaining unnocitced.

Shinji buried his face in Amanes shoulder, nervous and a little intimidated by the smiling redhead.

He looked down at Shinji, worry etched into his face. "Okay." Amane turnedto find himself hugged by Eishi. "Hi, I'm Amane."

"Fucking awesome man, just put out our first indies CD, I'll hook you up with a copy if you want. Did you like the show?" Daisetsu knew that Zen was a fan of metal.

Naoki was a bit discontent not wearing high heels tonight, however he felt that if there was going to be a large gathering, wearing such things could hinder him with the massive crowd of dancing people. Everyone seemed to be having fun, and the only thing that Naoki really didn't like too much... about this place was all the cigarette smoke. He could tolerate it though, after all, his boyfriend would do that quite often. Other than the dissapointment of not wearing high heels tonight though, he was having fun with the new outfit he got. It consisted of a black vinyl skirt, some... some fishnets, and a tight white tube top. He thought that Zen may be here, thinking he heard him mention something about going to this club, but he wasn't entirely sure if he would find him there.

The blonde nodded to him, looking Amane up and down. Good no competition otherwise Oda would have had to ask Eishi to move in with him out of jealousy. "Hey, I'm Oda."

Amane turned to Eishi and introduced his love. "This is my lover Shinji."

He bowed a little, blushing. Eishi was beautiful, and his lover was very handsome. He held Amanes hand tightly.

"Man, it was fucking hardcore. You better get me a copy!" He made the classically HxC scrunchy face.

The blonde was happy when he saw his koi. Making his way across the club he hopped on Daisetsu's sweaty back. "Baby!" he chuckled softly and kissed his neck.
Eishi gave a cute smile and a little bow to the smaller man. "Pleased to meet you Shinji, this is my boyfriend Oda." Looking over his roomate, the redhead continued happily. "Oh! And Amane, you look amazing tonight by the way."
Kaemon looked around, he smiled when his eyes landed on a man stepping out of the bathroom. He was beauiful, being the bold businessman he was he decided to approach the man.

Standing steadily, the writer moved towards the door of the club. The temptation was too great, and he needed to be at home, where alcohol was not available to him at all.

The guitarist nearly fell over onto Zen as he was glomped from behind. Chuckling he caught the blonde's waist and pulled him in front of him. "Zen, this is Ryuji, Ru baby, this is Zen."

Intoxicated with a fair amount of alcohol, Miyo didn't keep track of who - or what - he danced with. So long as it moved, he was happy to follow the beat with his hips. Dressed in a tight purple velvet and black leather corset, a vinyl skirt and ripped tights with knee-high boots, -

Amane blushed slightly at the compliment. He could tell Shinji was feeling a bit nervous and excused himself from the couple. "Lets go take a seat and order something from the bar. Okay?" He placed his hand on Shinji's back.

He moved with grace despite the alcohol coursing his veins. Swinging his purple bangs and black plaits all around, he lost himself in the music.

The blonde nodded a bit to the other and snuggled his lover accordingly. Okay, so ryuji was good at keeping daisetsu un-hxc. "Hey zen." he smiled and looked at Daisetsu. "Good to know Dai does have friends."

Zen smirked slightly at the two of them, "Hey Ryuji." The sight of them made him think of Naoki, he hadn't told him he'd be here tonight.

Shinji nodded and moved with Amane to a booth, sitting in his loose blue jeans and wifebeater, leaning against his lovers shoulder. "I'm sorry for pulling you away from Eishi..." He said, smilling sheepishly.

He walked up to the swaying frame clad in leather and vinyl. He placed his hands on the young mans hips and started moving his body with the beautys.

Smiling he bid farewell to the couple and sipped his vodka cranberry as he tugged his teacher back through the crowd and to the bar, setting Oda on one of the stools before crawling into his lap. "Amane's lover seemed a bit nervous. Maybe we could have dinner with them at our place."

Miyo shifted to the new beat of the other's body, slipping an arm onto his shoulder and curling his hands around his neck. He smiled up at him vaguely, taking in his new partner with newly found interest.-

"It's fine, I know how you nervous you get in crowds. I live with him, so I get to see him all the time." He lifted his lovers head and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Do you want me to get you something from the bar?"

Akuji was almost to the door when he saw Takeshi, and stopped, thinking for a moment that he should go and speak to him. But he was frozen to the spot, unable to make himself move from against the wall.

The teacher smiled runnign his hand over his lovers chest. "Ah, maybe. I'm glad we decided to get out tonight..." he commented whispering into his ear.

Chuckling at the comment from his lover, he tickled Ryuji's sides playfully. "Ryuji runs sound for us." He explained to Zen. "Hey you guys want a drink? It's on me." He offered, ready to lead them all to the front of the building and the bar.

The blonde chuckled happily. "Of course Koi! I don't ever turned down a free drink..." He'd said koi on purpose letting Zen know he did more then run sound.

Ever the social butterfly, he caught site of someone across the room and all but jumped from Oda's lap, running up to the taller redhead and throwing his arms around him. "Naochan!!!"

Pyotr began to find his nails rather interesting to look at for about the past ten minutes. His usual little 'straight vibe' was being emulated without fail too, as he got the most annoying drunken girls squeeling his way. He simply ignored them,not even looking up.

"Wouln't mind a free drink either." Actually, he could really use one now. The past events with his sister were still lingering in his mind, she had made him feel quite guilty about their situation.

"Great." Taking Ryuji's hand he led the trio to the bar, immediatly commanding the bartender's attention. "What do you guys want?" He asked ordering a Guiness for himself.

Kaemon slipped his arm around the slightly smaller mans waist, he leaned in towards his ear. "God, your beautiful, I must know your name." And if your available, he thought to himself, ever the pervert.

The artist finally spotted who he'd came here for on his left. Unfortunatly he spotted someone else on his right, Akuji. He didn't know which way to go.

Shohei walked into the club, hoping he would see Daisetsu. He hadn't seen the other man in so long, he doubted he'd remember, but he could see him from the door, and smiled as he made his way towards him. "Daisetsu!" He called quietly, not wanting to interrupt the other mans activities.

Akuji saw the other man see him and stiffened, licking his lips and deciding to head for the door. Screw talking to the other man, he couldn't handle it sober.

Miyo shifted closer, pressing hips as close as possible to the others and enjoying the feeling, shuddering at the air on his sensitive ear despite the heat. "Miyoko..." He purred, pressing his lips now to his ear in return, "You're not so bad yourself, Mystery Boy."-

Daisetsu smiled and herelded Shohei over to where they were all standing. "Hey man, want a drink? I'm buying. Oh, Zen, Ryuji, this is Shohei."

Zen ordered a foreign beer, turning afterwards to give the newcomer a small nod.

: The blonde smiled softly, showing that he never really knew what to order. He ordered his rich boy drink. "Scotch on the rocks." Looking at Shohei he looked jealous and clung closer to Daisetstu. "Hi Sohei, I'm Ryuji. Dai's lover."

Shohei smiled but shook his head. "None for me tonight, thanks, Dai. Need to drive home." His smile widened and he bowed at Ryuji. "He finally got hooked up? About time. It's nice to meet you." His killer smile was on, the one he used while bartending.

"Hmm, 'Mystery Boy' huh? I prefer Kaemon." He slid his hands down over Miyoko's ass, knowing he was being bold and not caring either way.

The redhead blinked. "Eishi? Hey! How are you doing?" he squeeled and hugged the other man back. "What are you up to here?" he asked.

The blonde nodded to Shohei and ran his hands over Daisetsu's chest. "He just needed the right insentive, didn't you baby?"

"Hey, no problem...and what do you mean finally." The redhead joked. "How bout a soda or something then?" He offered Shohei, winding an arm around Ryuji's waist.

"I'm sorry I'm late, I got a little held up!" he said. "I won't be late again though, I promise!" he light bit Sven's ear and sat next to him at the bar.

Miyo twitched slightly, gasping as the hands made themselves known on his ass. He smirked, "Mystery Boy is more fun. So, Kae," He breathed out hot air, "Feeling lucky?" -

The writer had made it outside, standing in the cold air and breathed heavily, hating himself for not being able to talk to Takeshi. He sighed heavily and leaned against the wall of the building.

Mou...koi suggested we go to the show tonight. Come on over to the bar and you can meet him." He cried happily, nearly bouncing as he held Naoki's hand and led him to the bar.

The blonde was just about to stand up when he saw the others. "OH, two beautiful redheads. However did I get to be so lucky?"

Shohei smiled, and asked for a pepsi. "So how did you meet him, Dai? Or am I not entitled to that information?" A pretty smirk, and Shohei leaned against the bar, hair poking out from his beanie into his eyes.

Sven grumbled, now acting more miffed than he felt. "I was just about to leave. I thought you weren't going to show up at all."

The artist followed him out of the bar and stood next to Akuji. "Akuji... can I stand here, or will you run away again?" he asked softly.

Shinji sighed heavily. "Go have fun. Amane." He insisted with a tired smile. "

"Lucky? It's not a matter of luck, it's a matter of want. And yes, I want. In fact, I have a 'business proposition' if you will." He kept the beat while the song changed, kneading Miyokos ass.

If one didn't know better, one might say Sven sounded a bit like a a cranky young child, despite his mature manner.

Naoki followed him all giddy now, glad that he had someone to talk to!

Still from a safe distance Haru watched the two men interact, he recognized the redhead as another member of Sven's band, the one with whom Sven did all that fanservice.. The boy sighed, this was a platonic love that would never become real, no more than a fairy tale.
Sascha rolled his eyes. "You act like a cranky old man sometimes, you know."

All their drinks arrived, and he handed them out to Shohei, Ryuji and Zen. "Bottoms up everyone." He said to toast before answering the other redhead's question. "He works at a music store I buy my strings at. Let's just say he really impressed me. So how've you been?"

He was now struggling a little, using his free hand to run over Kae's body, wishing it wasn't as hidden as it was now. "What are you offering?" He licked the man's ear. -

Zen took the order quite literally; drinking up nearly half of his beer during the first couple of gulps.

Eishi blushed at his lover's compliment. "Naoki, this is Oda. He's my stupid turned very smart sensei I told you about." He teased his lover as he introduced them. "Oda this is my friend Naoki."

"There's too much work to be done that we're already behind on. I'm entitled to be cranky---" Sven stopped suddenly, and looked around slowly, but doing so as not to attract too much attention. "Sascha, do you feel someone's eyes on us?"

Shohei shrugged gracefully. "Got some new ink since I saw you last. You should check them out sometimes, the designs are killer... Finished art school, for my degree. Not much else besides that."

"I'm getting myself a beer, where's your friend Zen? I'm sure he'll want to know your safe. And I can only have fun with you, alone." He had a devious look in his eye as he pulled Shinji in for a kiss.

The small man blushed. "He's over at the bar, but he's busy. I'll catch him later, when he's not.... Not surrounded by so many people." He smiled gently.

Naoki waved to Oda. "How do you do?" he said politely. It's a pleasure to meet you!" he offered a smile. "Eishi told me a lot about you." he giggled.

"Sweet man...oh check this out." Opening his pvc vest he showed Shohei his new dragon tatoo. "And congrats onf finishing art school. That's fucking awesome."

Sascha blinked. "Um... no?" he tilted his head to the side. "Are you seeing things? Feeling wierd things? Or is it just your super-human-ultra-power ninjitsu skills that tell you so?" he teased.

Well, Ryuji was getting jealous. Stage was one thing, but half Naked Daisetu's in a bar were another, he wrapped his arms protectively arround his seme. "Hai, isn't his tattoo the hottest?"

Shohei laughed. Ryuji must have been very worried to be so protective. For a moment, his own thoughts strayed to Pyotr, but why would the other man be here? He smiled reassuringly. "Believe me, Ryuki. Half-naked Daisetsu was something I saw enough of back in school. I have another man on...my mind now."

Oda smiled at him softly and nodded. "Is that so... I hope he didn't tell you too much..." he commmented softly with a chuckle. "It's nice to meet you Naoki. There can never be too many sexy redheads arround."

"It's my powers of alien stealth observation." Sven said quite seriously--he was not at all immune to outbursts of Dorky Gay Boy Syndrome.

"Okay, I'll be right back." Amane made his way to the bar midst all the people. He ordered two german beers, just in case Shinji needed to calm his nerves. He was worried about his lover, he didn't want him to get upset. He walked back to the booth and took his place next to Shinji, placing the extra beer on the table.

Sven ran his fingers through his hair, looking around casually.

Smiling at his lover and his friend. "Ru baby you know I'm all yours." He assured with a kiss to his lover's temple. "So who's this man you've got your eye on anyhow?" He asked Shohei curiously.

Shinji smiled at the second beer, and laid his head on Amanes shoulder. "Thanks." He whispered, reaching for it and popping the cap on the table edge.

Haru nearly froze in the spot when for a bried moment Sven's eyes appeared to look at him; of course, the guitarist was just looking around, not at him.

"Oh sure, I bet you're going to attack everyone with your alien tentacles now aren't you?" he giggled, teasingly. "Why do you feel so paranoid? And who in the world would be looking at us?"

The blonde clung to Daisetsu anyways, still convinced someone was going to steal him. "Highschool? Whats this about Highschool?"

He took Miyokos hands and aided them in running over his body. "A place to sleep tonite, and if I like your 'performence' maybe even a job. I own my own gay porn company."

The redhead beamed happily. "Yeah, he's not as bad as I said." He giggled clinging to Oda affectionately. "He really is sweet. Mou, Naochan is your koi here? I really want to meet him."

: Shohei blushed a little. "Sou. No one you know, Dai... Besides, I'd really rather not talk about him, with him not here and all." His shyness peering through, Shohei looked to the side, half-hoping to see Pyotrs' bright red hair.

Naoki smiled. "You flatter me, but really, Shi-chan is so much more beautiful!" he gave his friend a playful hug. "Oh my koi... well I -thought- he said something about being here tonight but I'm just not sure if he is, I mean I could have been mistaken... or half asleep and dreamt it..." he sighed.

Sven stroked his black tail of hair thoughtfully as he continued to scan the crowd. He had taken great care to braid his black tail into a thin fishtail braid, and it fell beautifully down his spine.

"You know, you're probably right," He said, finding no more than curious glances, nothing out of the ordinary. Funny, he could swear...

Miyoko raised both finely plucked and shaped brows, "You move quickly..." He slammed his hips suggestively against Kaemon's, not once breaking eye contact with him as his hands were aided in their exploration. He liked travel. -

Amane smiled as Shinji placed his head on his shoulder, he snaked his arm behind him, making sure Shinji was comfortable. "If you get extremely uncomfortable, we can leave, okay? I want you to be happy."

If one more girl was going to stumble on him and squeel in his ear he felt like a vein in his head was going to burst. He quietly walked away from where he was standing and into a different section of the club.

Nodding at Shohei he addressed Ryuji. "What is this twenty questions tonight koi?" He laughed and nuzzled the blonde affectionately.

The blode chuckled softly watching them. "Well you'll have to introduce us if you find him, Naoki-san."

After finishing his drink Zen gave wave slightly at Daisetsu and the others before heading off into the crowd again; looking for more costumers.

Akuji didn't know what to say. he just looked at the ground and blurted out the first thing that came into his head. "I quit drinking."

"By the way, you look really beautiful tonight!" he said, smiling. "Did you do something different?" he played gently with the long braid of Sven's.

He pouted cutley. "This is Ruchan realizing his daidai is going to be famous and getting worried that his daidai will find someone better."

A hand to his chest he shook his head 'no' adamantly. "No Naochan is so much prettier than I am. Just look at his outfit! I adore it." Smiling to Oda he took Naoki's hand. "Let's go see if we can find your koi ne? Let's help him ne Kamata-sensei?"

He smiled softly at the writer. "Thats great Aku-chan..."

Oda hopped up with Eishi and whispered into his ear. "Not in public Shichan..."

Sohei caught a flash of red and moved towards it, recognizing Pyotr and calling his name. "Pyotr!" His smile was wide as he gently touched his... Lovers? Shoulder, smiling a little more brightly.

"I... guess..." he said with a smile, though he wasn't entirely sure what bumbing into Zen would be like unexpectidely. Last time such a thing happened, Zen practically beat his friend, Izumi to a pulp and got into a fight with another man with a sword. He just hoped this time would be a bit different.

Akuji shook his head. "It's not enough... My son. Is coming from China later this week... I have to be completely clean for them to let him stay with me."

He sighed. "It's been a while since we've played a show, hasn't it?"

"I can move even quicker in my own apartment." He couldn't believe he just said that, he never takes potential employees to his apartment. Why did he just suggest that? He had to admit, something was different about Miyoko, he just couldn't figure out what.

Rolling his eyes at his lover he watched as Shohei disappeared. "I do have friends you know, many of them, but I have one lover and I intend to keep it that way." He took a sip of guiness.

The redhead smile softly and nodded. "Congratulations... I didn't know you had a son..." Takeshi bit his lip. "I've got to get back inside..." With that he returned to the club. Somethign about the other put him on edge and he didn't know what to do.

Leading the trio through the crowd he frowned at his lover. "Fine then Oda." He stuck out his tongue and peered around. "You said he looks very hard core right Naochan?"

"It has. I don't know really what we should do to try to get more publicity or lives..." he sighed. "That's your field, afterall, you are the leader of the two people in our little band." he laguhed.

Akuji sighed heavily, and walked towards his car. Well, there it was. Nothing else to say. He climbed in, and drove back to his apartment, intent on spending the rest of his evening with his typewriter and a warm mug of coffee.

The blonde bit his lip and nodded. "Gomen, Spoiled youngest child without any friends showing though..." he looked down embarresed.

Slowly he made his way to the area in which Sven sat, barricading behind a few people that were sitting nearby. In his little purse in the shape of a first aid kit Haru carried a letter, a letter meant to be delivered to this man that was so close yet so faraway from his reach.

Pyotr blinked. "Shohei?" FINALLY! A man, and a hot man AND someone he knew who he just so happened to like who was very nice and... ok, he made himself stop thinking so fast. "I didn't know that you'd be here." he said.

The blonde chuckled at him. "Hardcore? Well he must be dating me then..." he chuckled. "We all know i'm as hxc as they come."

"It's ok baby, but I'm introducing you to people, why not try and talk to them rather then showering me with your attention. Not that I mind that at all."

"It gets discouraging when you can barely fill in the front rows at any given venue..."

Shohei smiled a little. "I didn't know you'd be here either.... Did you enjoy the show?" He asked, struggling to keep his hands off the other man.

The blonde nodded softly and smiled. "I'll try.. .I'm shy with new people..."

He turned up his eyes, seeming to be counting. "How many people showed up at our last live? Ten?"

He let out a melodic laugh filled with mischeif, shamelessly lowering his head to look at the lower half of the attractive man's body. Weighing out the potential before looking back up again, apparently impressed with his mental calculations. "Well," he began smoothly, "Why don't you go fetch me a nice drink. Make it nice and heavy. Then I'll seriously consider your offer."

Rolling his large mocha eyes he giggled. "Oh yes koi, you're soooo hard core." He teased. "Naoki, what about that guy, he kinda looks like you described to me." Eishi pointed out Zen across the bar.

The artist spotted a fimilar redhead who was talking to someone else. He smiled at pyotr and the stranger. "Hey pyotr"

"Oh, you're very hardcore too, Oda-san! But my Zen looks rather... scary sometimes but in a hot way!" he giggled. "If you see him, he wears a lot of leather usually, his hair is pretty short and he's got a goatee and he usually wears eyeliner and... hey look I think I see him!"

The blonde looked at the man from across the bar. "Man, you know I could take him!" He was trying to be strong and chuckles. "Okay.. so I'd get my ass kicked..."

He nodded. "I did. It was good." actually when Pyotr used a simple word such as good, is usually meant more along the lines of 'fantastic'.

"You weren't so shy with me baby...specially in bed." He whispered into Ryuji's ear, nipping at the lobe affectionately.

Pyotr cocked his head in the direction of where he heard his name, seeing the other man. "Oh, hey Takeshi." he waved and motioned for him to come near his way. Little did he know of what shit he -might- be getting himself into.

Shohei smiled and nodded. "Dai's a great musician..." He shoved his hands into his pocket, distinctly uncomfortable that a stranger was smiling at him. He fought the urge to backpedal and smiled weakly at Pyotr. "I'm heading out, in an hour or so. Let me know when you get home?" He asked moving away from his lover and back towards Daisetsu.

Ryuji flushed a bright shade of red. "Mou... when we met I was..."

He noticed that he had been checked out and smiled. He usually never fetched anything for anyone, but he was willing for Miyoko. "Alright, just as long as you stay here and keep moving, I wouldn't let anyone else touch you, who knows what I may to dothem

"Yeah, that's definately him!" he giggled. "Come on, I'll introduce you guys." he called over to Zen. "Zen! Hey Zen!!"

"Oh, let's go say hi ne?" He asked Naoki happily before turning his attention back to Oda. "You're so cute when you're trying to ball manly like. It's hot koi." He pressed his body into his lover's and kissed him hard.

He smiled at the redhead. "Enjoy the show?"

He scratched his head defeatedly. "I need a drink. Would you like one?"

"But you got over thatn didn't you? And if I remember right you were pretty flirty after the first show you came to." Glancing up he saw Shohei moving back towards them. "Here comes Shohei, great chance to meet someone ne?"

The blonde followed and nodded. "Sure," He kept his arms arround his lovers body as they walked protective arround the other male.

"There were more than that! There were at least 21!" he insisted. "And... yeah I want some beer." he said with a sign.

Zen was making a deal with a girl when he head his lover's voice behind him; he quickly finished what he was doing and dismissed the costumer, turning to look at Naoki with a small yet HxC smile of course.

The blonde nodded. "Okay, I'll just pretend he's you after your show..." hes smiled.

He glanced over Sascha's shoulder, still not one hundred percent convinced that no one was observing them. "All right, then." He motioned the bartender over.

The artist was quiet as he walked back towards Daisetsu, feeling very small and defeated. He'd given up without even starting, and now he felt lika an ass about it. He grabbed his pepsi, which he'd left on the counter, and sipped it.

Following Naoki, he clung tightly to Oda as they approaced quite possible the most hxc person he'd ever seen.

The taste was a little off, but he didn't think anything of it.

Kaemon made his way to the bar and got the man an Archer's. He got the drink and made his way back to the floor.

The blonde made sure to turn into regular straight Oda as he approched the other. IT was the best way to make him manly.

Noticing that Shohei looked a bit crestfallen, he asked softly. "Everything ok man? You look down." He commented as he tickled Ryuji's side for that last comment.

Miyo watched his wriggle and licked his lips, placing his hands on his encased hips and leaving them there, fanned out, displaying his long fingers. He had a pout on his face. "You know me too well already," he said, eyeing the drink amongst other things.

The blonde moved to hug Shohei. "Hai, YOu dunn look very good. Can I do something for you?"

Gathering some courage Haru decided this was the right time. He walked up to where Sven sat, letter in hand; his knees felt weak but he couldn't turn around now, "Excuse me.."

"Zen!" he trounced through the crowd of people, feeling a bit off balance since he wasn't wearing any heels and hugged him, kissing him telicately on the cheek. "Hey love. Wanna meet some of my friends?"

"Yeah, I thought it was good. Did you enjoy it?"

"I plan on knowing you more later."

The redhead shrugged, swallowing the rest of the pepsi. "Nothing much, Dai. Same shit, different day." He gave Ryuji a crooked half-smile. "No, this happens to me all the time..." He reached to pull off his beanie, shove his hair back, and pull the cap back on.

Sven's eyes widened as he turned around to find a rather shy-looking androgyne, gothic lolita in style. Where had he seen this person before? Their face was unmistakable, and yet....

The blone shrugged. "Not as much as I enjoy spending time with you, beautiful..." he smirked.

Pyotr was still extremely confused about the way Shohei acted, but decided it would be best left for discussion later.

Zen wrapped his arms around the redhead, "Sure." Usually he didn't meed so many people in one night,he preferred to stay with the ones he trusted.

Ryuji smiled softly and nodded. "Are you sure. I could take you back to my place...?"

Frowning Daisetsu patted Shohei lightly on the shoulder. "Hey man, look, maybe its just an off night for you, that's all." He smiled at the blonde's willingness to be helpful.

"Yes?" Sven asked politely, a faint smile on his lips.

Miyoko took the drink, taking Kae's hand and gently pulling him along to a ''quiet'' seat. Sitting down, he deliberately folded one leg over an other, "Maybe you'll get more *inside* information than you originally bargained for." -

Ryuji nodded and hugged him more. "Dai says I always make him feel better, maybe I could do the same for you?"

Shohei could see the way that the other man was looking at Pyotr, and felt sick to his stomach. He looked at Daisetsu and laughed weakly. "Hm. Yeah, Maybe." He blinked hard. "I'm heading to the bathroom. I'll be right back." He said, one thin hand placed over his stomach.

Again, Pyotr really didn't know how to receive compliments, nor hot to react to them. "Oh." he simply said, then mentally face palmed himself for sounding so dumb.

"I..." A deep blush mildly covered by makeup crept onto Haru's cheeks, "This is for you." He help the letter up with both hands and bowed as he gave it to the other man.

Takeshi blinked he commented. "Gomen... I thought when you said you wanted coffee...' He trailed off.

Kaemon followed the delicious man, watching his every move. He sat down next to him and teasingly ran his fingers over the pale thighs. "You have no clue what I bargained for."

Sascha observed the new comer, thinking that this was perhaps the most adorable young person he's ever seen. He seemed rather familiar to himm too... "Hey..." he began.

Nodding wordlessly Daisetsu watched Shohei retreat. "Something's up, he just doesn't look right tonight."

He commented to Ruyji, "And what's up with the offer to come back to your place? I thought I got to share your bed tonight." He teased

Shinji smiled. "I'm just not used to crowds. I'm sure I'll be fine." He smiled. "Go on, have fun! I'll be right here, I promise."

Ryuji smirked and snuggled him. "You get to share my bed... and my couch.. and my kitchen table..."

Pulling Oda's arms around his waist Eishi leaned back into his koi, kissing his neck as he waited for Naoki to introduce them to his hxc boyfriend.

Naoki pulled Zen gently by the arm and guided him toward Eishi and Oda. "Hey guys, this is Zen!"

"And the kitchen counter, and the floor, and the shower of course koi...don't forget that." Daisetsu winked at his lover.

:The blonde tried to look hxc as well letting Eishi hang on him. "Hey man. I'm Oda."

Miyoko returned Kae's earlier gesture; placing his hand over his, he pressed it against his leg and moved it up further, twisting his ody so he was more open towards Kae. "Would you like me to give you a special, once-only token to give you a taster?" He drew his face dangerously close.-

Ryuji smirked and nodded. "And don't forget your place too..."

"I do." he said. Oh, yeah, Pyotr ALMOST forgot about why he hated going out in public so much. He was perhaps one of the worst people-persons in the world.

Giggling and smiling, he gave a respectful bow to Zen. "And I'm Eishi, but you can just call me Shi for short, everyone does." He explained, clinging to Oda like a cheap suit.

Sven took his letter with a respectful half-bow. "Thank you," He said, examining it gratefully, glancing at Sascha for a brief moment before glancing up at the seemingly nervous younger person. "Ah! I believe I recognize you now..you are a regular at our lives, aren't you?"

Amane placed a pout on his face. "Well....I'd like to dance, but alas, I have no one to dance with." He sighed dramatically.

The redhead staggered into the bathroom, his vision blurring and his head throbbing as he licked his lips, collapsing against a wall, sliding down. The thought ran through his head, there had been something in that Pepsi...

"Hey, nice to meet you both" He noticed that the blonde was trying so hard to be HxC - and kind of failing at it.

Naoki clung tightly to Zen and smiled, cuddling into his chest.

Shinji: Shinji giggled. "Do you really want to see someone as lanky and graceless as me try to dance? I'll kill myself." He laughed easily, relaxing in the good company.

Oda smiled softly looked down at Eishi going. This guy is so not my scene.

"I'm so glad to finally meet you, Naochan has said such sweet things about you. He said you knew a good tattoo artist to!" Eishi was undeterred by any type of hxcness, a people person to the very core.

Oh. My. God. Haru just couldn't believe it, Sven had actually noticed him all those times! He nodded, "Yes, I try not to miss any."

Pyotr noticed that he Shohei had staggered into the bathroom not looking to good. "Takeshi... I... I'll be right back one moment." he went in the direction towards the rest room.

Oda ran his hands over Eishi protectively, he couldn't believe he'd flirted with this man's boyfriend.

Amane smiled as Shinji finally laughed. "Yes!! I do!!! Come on!" He got up and tugged on Shinji's hand, feeling like a child again.

"How could i forget my place baby...."Daisetsu pulled Ryuji into an embrace tightly, kissing his temple.

Shohei stared at the ground, his head spinning as he watched. He blinked slowly, but the small movement of his head to the side made him whine in pain, his body fighting whatever drug had been placed in his drink as much as it could.

Ryuji glanced over at the others. "Do you wish I was more girly like them?" He pointed to the femme boys in Zen and Oda's arms.

"Mhh, Zenchan..." Naoki purred, blushing a little, then looking back up at the other two men. "I'm so glad we all could finally meet each other too..."

"Yes, it would be appreciated." Kaemon leaned in so his lips were only centimeters from Miyoko's.

"Yeah, it's a friend of mine. Naoki said you wanted a tattoo too, I'll take you both there when you have time."

"It truly means everything, to a band who is grappling with many problems as of late...thank you, --?" Sven was unsure what to call the kind fan, and looked to him for help.

"Yeah, you're in the front row a lot!" Sascha seemed to recognize him as well.

Miyo grinned deviously, "Give me some more details about your 'proposition' first." He pulled back, sipping on his drink and looking straight ahead. A tease, he knew.

Oda blinked down at the other. "Shichan, you're getting a tattoo?"

Shinji giggled. "Oh my god, you can't be serious...!" He let himself be pulled, holding close to Amane, and struggling not to make an ass of himself, his bony form stark through his tight clothing. He felt stupid, but Amane was smiling, and that made it worth it.

Pyotr cautiously entered the rest room, seeing Shohei on the ground. He quickly ran over to him, leaning down. "Shohei... are you feeling ill?" he lifted a hand to his forehead.

Eishi clapped excitedly. "Oh me to Naochan." Addressing Zen he continued. "That would be great, I'm free most weekends. Anytime you're available to take us would work for me." He added before kissing his lover's lips teasingly. "Yeah, I am...are you ok with that?"

"Ah, My name's Harumi." He gave another bow, nervousness making him extra polite, "Sorry I didn't introduce myself first."

Glancing in the indicated direction he saw Eishi and Naoki and shrugged. "That's not really what I'm into, I mean if I want a girl, I get a genuine one ya know." Daisetsu assured Ryuji softly.

Sascha grinned, he thought it was so cute that Sven had a fanboy!

Oda nodded at him. "Hai, you know all about mine..." he smiled softly.

Ryuji picked up more confidence and nodded. "Great... so who are those boys?"
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