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Group RP Part II

Shohei blinked at Pyotr, didn't recognize him through hazy, watery eyes and a malfunctioning system. His head dropped and rolled to his other shoulder, staring up at the other man with eyes like glass. "Who..." He asked, in a dreamy, lilting voice. "Who~ are you~?"

"Well, depending on if you come to my apartment and what I think of our night togther, I wanted to offer you a job as a porn star for my company."Kaemon grunted in protest as Miyoko pulled away.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Harumi--" kun? No, there's a small possibility 'he' wasn't a 'he.' -chan? Wait, no, 'he' might not be a 'she' either... "---Harumi-san. Would you like to sit down with us?" He gestured to the empty seat beside him.

Naoki squeed, he couldn't wait to get his new tattoos, and he was seriously considering the slightly more... 'odd' of the two that he was thinking of getting, along with another design.

"Alright then,” Zen commented, “give Naoki a call and he'll contact me when you're ready to go."

Naoki nodded in agreement. "I'm free most times on the weekend too!"

Amane pulled Shinji to a secluded spot. He placed his hands on his kois hips and pressed them to his own. He started moving to the beat of the music, encouraging Shinji to join him.

Oda smiled softly and whispered back into his ear. "You'll have to let me photograph you again though..."

Miyoko smiled satisfactorily. "A porn star? That's new. Do you offer good money?" he asked, turning back to face him. He played with the man's fingers, taking the middle one and suggestively kissed the tip.-

Naoki giggled, he remembered Eishi's tales of the photography incident.

Shrugging Daisetsu commented. "No idea. We could go meet them though if you want. They seem to know Zen whoever they are."

Without much of an expression, Pyotr picked the other man up and carried him in his arms. "I'm taking you home." he said.

Ryuji smiled and nodded. '"That sounds good... will you talk to them first?"

Shinji struggled to stay on beat for a moment, befire paying attention to the drums and moved with them, one arm behind Amanes' neck, the other on the waist of his vinyl pants.

This was turning out to be the luckiest night in Haru's short life; he nodded and took a sit with them, "Please, there's no need for the -san.."

"Great!" Pulling away from Oda momentarily he hugged Naoki. "I'm so excited!" Returning to his lover he licked his lips sexily. "I'll pose for you anytime, koi." Eishi purred breathily.

Oda looked up a bit shocked at Naoki and tried to gauge what he knew.

Shohei struggled like a wildcat, wiggling and throwing his limbs as he tried to get down. In his drugged state, he didn't know who was picking him up, who was touching him, and he was terrified.

"The best, I give my stars health benefits, all that good stuff. But we don't discuss pay until your hired. But believe me, it pays good. You should feel special, I never let any potential employees to my apartment, so if I were you I'd take up this offer." He leaned in with a quick-ness he had mastered and stole a kiss, pulling back just as quick.

"Of course..." Taking the blonde's hand he navigated their way through the crowd, over to where Zen and the strangers were standing. "Hey man, who are your friends?" Daisetsu asked his dealer.

"Just Harumi then?" Sven questioned, swinging one leg over the other. Luckily, Harumi could not see Sven looking stars at Sascha a la 'WE HAVE FANS WHO LOVE US ;o;'

Amane smiled as Shinji got the beat. He leaned down and nipped at his neck.

The blonde smiled and looked at the others. Ryuji needed friends desperately; maybe he could make some here?

Miyoko barely registered the kiss. It was so feather light and fast, flashing before his eyes like a vague dream, laying just out of the conscious grasp. He blushed, recovered. "A chance to see what 'Lies Beneath' is enough persuasion for me." he grinned, flashing pearly whites and devious, brown eyes laden with thick lashes. He tugged at the man's clothes flippantly.

Shinji gasped, and leaned backwards, tilting his head to lick at his lovers jaw.

"Shohei, calm down." Pyotr said in the most serene, calm voice one could only imagine for the given situation. "You're going to be alright. I will not hurt you."

"Hey Daisetsu, these are.. " Zen quickly recalled the others' names "Oda and Eishi, and this is Naoki."

The redhead noticed the arrival of the strangers and immediately recognized the very tall handsome one as the guitarist in the band they'd just seen. "You guys were amazing tonight!" Eishi smiled happily at the redhead and the shorter blonde.

"Yes, just Harumi is fine." He smiled shyly.

Sascha responded with a really big grin, knowing exactly what he was thinking.

"Please to meet you all, I'm Daisetsu, this is my koi, Ryuji." Turning to Eishi he smiled. "Hey thanks, glad you enjoyed it."

"No! No! Put me down!" Shohei wouldn't stop moving, kicking and throwing his arms, his actions powerful and panic-driven, his words soft and childish.

Ryuji smiled at Eishi. "Wasn't he great... my koi is so amazing..." He kissed Daisetsu.

Nodding in concordance he tugged his own koi closer, wanting Oda's arms around him, he liked it when his koi stroked his hips. "He was! You're koi is very talented." Eishi beamed.

Naoki waved to them both and smiled, clinging tightly to Zen still.

Kaemon took Miyoko's glass and took a sip. "Bleh, a woman’s drink." He leaned in again for a longer, alcohol-laden kiss.

Naoki looked up at Daisetsu. "yeah you guys were really great tonight!"

Oda held his student affectionately. "Nice to meet you Daisetsu, Ryuji."

"So Zen..." Daisetsu noticed the way the redhead was clinging to him. "This one is yours I presume. You're a lucky guy." He complimented his friend and who he assumed to be his friend's lover.

Ryuji smiled and nodded at Eishi. "Are you Oda's Koi?"

"Please, just call me Sven," The half-European man was obviously quite thrilled.

Still beaming happily Eishi nodded. "Hai, I am." He snuggled into his lover's embrace.

Miyoko laughed and was cut off by the second stolen kiss. Only this time he had time to enjoy it. His body instinctively froze before refunctioning. He let his lips part and tongue slide out to do some adventuring where his hands could not go. His eyes closed, suddenly heavy with desire.-

Zen was beginning to feel the anxiety of addiction kicking in. Too many people, so little drug in his system at the moment. His hands were shaking a little but thanks to the dim light of the club this was barely noticeable; Zen was only pulled back to reality by the other man calling his name.. "Yeah, I'm damned lucky."

Ryuji smiled and nodded. "You two make a cute couple Eishi!"

Pyotr quickly walked out of the bathroom, the man still in his arms, and quickly found an inconspicuous exit. He usually made a note of where each exit was incase he needed a quick way out. He'd apologize to Takeshi later, but Shohei seemed out of his mind right now. Things needed to be taken care of

"Hey if you liked the show, thank this guy. Ryuji runs sound for us." Daisetsu complimented his lover's abilities. "Quite a catch Zen." He assured with a smirk.

Amane kissed the sensative spot on Shinji's neck, he nipped at his collar bone, the music was intoxicating. He moved his body in rhythm with Shinjis.

Sascha kept smiling at the two, he was so happy that Sven felt true joy right then and there and he thought that smile on his face was the most adorable thing in the world.

Eishi blushed and kissed his lover tenderly. "Thank you Ryuji, but you can just call me Shi if you like." He bowed cutely.

Shinji almost wanted to laugh - this was like having sex with clothes on. He normally didn't like dancing, it felt bizarre, but with Amane it felt fun, it felt like the best thing ever. Any thoughts of Hakueis' retribution, or finding Zen, flew out of his head.

The blonde didn't like that Daisetsu was complementing anyone. He was going to pout now and cling to him, except Eishi made him happy that he was talking. "Awe! Okay Shichan!" Ryuji chuckled softly. "So what do you do?"

"Alright, Sven." Haru’s small widened as he fought the urge to fangirl[boy] over him, "I really love your music.. And the shows are so amazing! Are you planning to do any more soon?"

Naoki nodded. "Yes, I'm Zen's." he looked back up at Zen, noting that something seemed 'off.'

Kaemon took over as he was allowed to explore Miyoko's mouth.

Addressing Naoki Daisetsu nodded. "Right on. Zen is cool as fuck. You two look good together." He commented as he wound an arm around Ryuji's waist.

Miyoko He now fully opened his mouth and greeted Kaemon willingly. He sneaked a hand behind his neck and pulled him closer, leaning back and forward at the same time. The world around him faded like a freshly done painting splashed with water. Everything merged together and only they existed. -

Amane couldn't focus on anything other than Shinji, he didn't want to. The man was intoxicating as he swayed his hips, Amane wanted to take him right there on the dance floor.

Biting his lip Eishi smiled at Ryuji. "I'm a student at the University, I'm majoring in Photography. How about yourself?"

"Yes....we have some lives scheduled for next month, all small venues. But honestly we've hit a bit of a slump lately...tell me, what got you into 'syntax'?” asked Sven.

"I'll be right back, nature's calling." Of course this had a different meaning to Zen than to the others; he headed off to the bathrooms in the farthest part of the club, locked himself in one of the stalls and desperately looked into the many pockets of his leather jacket for all the things he needed. Once it was all there, he proceeded to do the same thing as always; get the injection -a tourniquet was not needed anymore since the constant abuse of the substance had made his veins noticeable enough- he pierced the skin and allowed the substance to flow into his system.

Ryuji smiled at Eishi and nodded. "Hey! Awesome, me too... I'm an international bussiness major..." He commented happily and smiled.

Oda got more nervous hearing that. He didn't want Ryuji to find out he was Eishi's teacher.

Kaemon moaned as he was allowed to venture further. He slid a hand up Miyokos skirt.

Shinji moaned quietly, panting quietly in Amanes' ear, knowing what it did to the other man. "Amane...." He whispered quietly. "Amane, I need..." He took one of his lover’s hands and pressed it to the front of his pants.

A worried look came over Naoki's face as Zen left. He didn't want to get into Zen's business, but he couldn't help but feel that something bad was going to happen.

Shinji felt the lack of drugs in his system, but he didn't take them as often as his boss did, so he would just take it when he got back to his lovers apartment.

The student however seemed unaware and unconcerned with the fact that Oda could be recognized as his teacher, instead Eishi just chatted happily with Ryuji. "Oh wow, that sounds really interesting. What year are you? I'm a junior myself."

Daisetsu seemed to notice Naoki's discomfort, and knowing what Zen was probably doing he spoke to the redhead. "He's probably in the bathroom if you want to go check on him."

"Oh, well, I got a flyer of your first live while shopping around Harajuku.. So I decided to go and check what it was all about," Commented Haru.

Sascha was also curious about this and listened to their conversation, taking a few sips of his beer.

Miyo felt waves of electric heat shoot from the place of Kaemon's hand up his thigh. He wanted that hand to go so far, unadulterated and uninhibited. He wanted so desperately to witness true passion. But that was getting ahead of himself. Kaemon was still a mystery, he reminded himself, as he hooked the leg furthest away loosely over the other's, desperate for more contact

Ryuji nodded at Eishi’s comment and replied, "Fourth year, but I won't be graduating this semester... I've changed my majors too many times..."

Amane moaned as Shinji said his name, he knew exactly what to do to turn Amane on. He massaged his lovers need through his pants. "Where...?"

"The Chinese visual band, eh..." He smiled.

Shohei still struggled in the Russians arms, quickly tiring form his struggling and the strain on his body from whatever drug he'd been slipped. He laid his head on Pyotrs' shoulder, and cried, tired and hurting and confused.

Smiling Eishi leaned back into Oda's arms more, wanting some physical attention. "Actually, I'm on time to graduate now if I take a class or two over the summer." He liked Ryuji, he seemed fun.

The guitarist looked more carefully at Oda. "You! I know you... I remember you from when I was an advertising major... You were my TA!"

Shinji whined. "Anywhere..." He didn't care.

Turning his attention back to the other three he as he heard Ryuji's exclamation. "Who's what's TA?" Daisetsu mumbled not quite sure what was going on.

Oda blinked and pulled him away a bit from Eishi nervously.

Amane had never had sex in a bathroom, but that seemed like the only logical place. "Bathroom...?"

Shinji nodded urgently.

Ryuji commented, glad to figure out why he looked so familiar. "Oda! He's a TA at the university..."

Soon Zen was partially disconnected of the world though the music still boomed his senses.

Eishi’s mocha eyes went wide, a sudden well of nervousness in his stomach. He looked helplessly at Oda for advice on what to do or what to say.

Daisetsu chuckled. "So? So what he's banging his student? I think that's kinda cool." Daisetsu gave Oda a 'mad props, man' look.

Oda tried to cover his tracks. "Oh yeah, well I graduated that semester though dude... so I’m not there anymore..."

"Yes, I'm glad I went. Ever since I'm constantly on the lookout for a new live!" said Haru.

Daisetsu looked mildly disappointed as banging ones student was hxc as fuck.

Giggling nervously Eishi nodded. "Oh hai, we met at a photography exibit."

Sven grinned. "I'm so glad you feel that way... I wish others felt the same."

Ryuji shrugged. "I wouldn't care, I was just trying to figure out who you were Oda, You looked familiar.... didn't we fuck before?" He smirked just teasing.

"There are more! It's just that you need more publicity, sometime it is really hard to find out more about you.."

Oda shook his head. "No. No. No... We defiantly never had sex."

Kaemon practically laid on top of the beauty as he pushed him back. They couldn't do it here, they had to get back to his apartment somehow. He didn't know if he could drive, given his 'situation'

"Maybe we should make flashier websites?" Sascha suggested with a slight laugh.

"I was supposed to be getting a website up, but..." Sven cringed. "I work a few other jobs that tend to interfere. I suppose if Sascha and I could dedicate more time to some kind of publicity..."

Naoki was sincerely worried now, Zen hadn’t returned yet. "I'll be right back..." he said as he went off to look for Zen.

It was becoming harder to breathe now.. The world around him seemed to twist and spin almost as if in a ship. Zen tried to straighten up from his sitting position but found himself unable to do so.

Miyo nipped at his lips, panting heavily as he broke them apart. He could barely muster the brain power to open his eyes. "I wonder whose going to be having more fun tonight..." He panted out hot air, pulling in for a third brief kiss. "I forgot to ask about your girlfriend or boyfriend..." He chuckled, "But I guess you obviously don't have one so they won’t mind me spending the night."

"If you let me I could help you with that!" Haru nearly jumped of excitement, he was dying to help them -well, especially Sven.

After looking in a few bathrooms, Naoki finally found one near the back. "Zen?" he called softly.

There was no response from Zen but a gasping sound.

"No, no boyfriend." Kaemon shuddered at the thought of being with a women. Ew. "We need to get to my apartment..." He didn't want to stop kissing the young man. He was addictive.

"Help us?" Sven brought a hand to his mouth in thought. "I think that...I think that's what we'd need. If you'd be willing, that would be wonderful. We could even pay you, if you like. I don't know--Sascha?"

Miyoko affectionately kissed his nose though the gesture seemed almost out of place. "If you're feeling ''adventurous'' we could try an alleyway?" He grinned and nipped at the kiss-bruised lips. So edible. Yummy.

"It sounds find to me! We need all the help we can get!" Said Sascha excitedly.

"Zen..." Naoki walked cautiously over to a stall. There was only one person in that bathroom and he knew it was him. He stood outside the stall and tapped lightly on it. "Zenchan... I know you're there..."

"We could, I don't think I can make it to my place." Kaemon was a bit surprised at the kiss on his nose, but he didn't mind. He tried to pull himself up to a sitting position.

"I'd be lucky to make it to the alleyway before I..." Miyoko let the words hang in the air, unfinished. A thousand ways to finish it, and only one came to mind. Cheeks flushed with desire, he took a gulp of his drink for good measure and straightened himself out.

Naoki's voice sounded angelical in this choking hell; Zen tried to reach out and open the lock but only managed to fall on his knees to the floor, leaning against one of the walls as he still gasped for air.

"I'd do it for free though." Haru nodded; ready to do the best website design ever, he could get some help from the graphic design students at school.

"Hmm, don't finish that sentence." Kaemon pulled Miyoko out of the booth.

Like a puppet, Miyo obeyed and allowed himself to be pulled along. His mind was racing yet blank; he was calm but nervous. Neither one or the other on anything, apart from helplessly aroused.-

Naoki started panicking. "Zen!" he got on the floor to look under the stall and grabbed a hold of his hand, trying to pull him out from underneath. He couldn't get the door unlocked from the other side.

Unable to do anything else Zen allowed Naoki to drag his rather limp body out of there.

"We couldn't possibly allow you to do such a thing for free." Sven smiled at Harumi, tucking a strand of violet behind his ear. "But we should most definitely set something up. Here, I should give you our cell numbers..."

Sascha nodded. "We appreciate your offer very much! We insist on paying you back."

Haru pulled out his cute little cell phone from the 'first aid kit', waiting for the numbers. He really couldn't believe his luck! "No, no, just knowing that you will continue performing is more than enough for me."

"Oh god, Zen... Zen..." he noted how far away he looked. He didn't know what to do... should he call the paramedics? Or maybe one of Zen's friends? He noticed his breathing was getting short too, and his panic attack was getting worse.

Kaemon took a seat at the bar, managing to pull Miyo onto his lap. He ordered a beer.

Sven rattled off Sascha's number first, which came more easily since he called it so often, then his own.

Zen clung to the redhead desperately, his throat seemed to be closing little by little until the point he'd either choke or fait due to so little oxygen in his blood.

Miyo settled into the comfortable lap, glowing. He couldn't help it. "So..." He said, obviously smiling. "Do I have a job with you or do you want me to prove myself again?"

Naoki finally settled upon calling an ambulance. He took out his cell phone and quickly dialed the emergency number, telling them where he was located in a panicky voice and what the situation was... though he didn't say how he got that way. Once he flipped his phone shut he looked desperately down at Zen, trying to fight back tears. "Can you breath? The paramedics are coming but..." he could barely get words out. "Do you need me to help you for now?"

"You have the job, but I still want you to prove yourself over and over again." Kaemon took a sip of the beer that was placed by him.

Haru saved them both to his cell's address book before giving Sven his own number.

Miyo purred, asked for another Archer's and leaned against his lithe body. "I'll keep up my performance, then, if you keep up yours."

Sven saved this to his cell phone’s memory. "I really appreciate this, Harumi."

Zen only coughed, incapable of answering as he was.

A blush returned to Haru's cheeks, "I'm glad I can help you, Sven."

He smiled at the two and thought this was just so cute. Harumi seemed so happy about meeting his little idol, and Sven seemed so happy to be idolized.

Naoki leaned down, pressing his lips to Zen's and blew a breath of air into his system, hoping this could possibly help.

"I am always at peak performance." Kaemon took another swig of his beer, his eyes never left Miyo.

It helped a little but not enough, Zen felt as if his entire respiratory system was collapsing inside him.

Miyoko could feel the eyes boring into him and could only give in and meet them with an equal gaze.
"You certainly were at *peak* performance tonight." Miyo replied, occupying himself with his drink as he tried to calm himself. He was still shaking slightly.

"Hmm...always. Now I don't know if I want to share you with my porn stars." Replied Kaemon.

Miyo grinned, sipping his drink. "They'll have a tough time comparing to you and the things you just did to me in an alleyway. We could make our own movies..."

Naoki kept doing this until the paramedics finally arrived. He did not want to pull away from his Zen, nor did he want them to take him away from him. He wanted to be there the whole way.

Zen didn't want to get too far from Naoki either, he grabbed the redhead's hand tightly and refused to let go as the paramedics swarmed around him.
As Shinji and Amane headed for the bathroom, the whore was terrified to see that Zen was strapped to a stretcher, a pretty redhead holding onto his hand. Any thought of sex disappeared as he watched in horrified slow-motion. Amane's hand flew to his mouth as he saw the man strapped to the stretcher. He saw Shinji's reaction and assumed it was Zen. Naoki also refused to let go of his lover. He didn't want to have him taken away.

Kaemons eyes went wide at the suggestion of starring in his own movies; sure he'd done it before, but not a lot. "I, um...I rarely appear in my own movies..." Miyoko
shifted for a better look at him. "Really?
You should consider it. They might seem more real if we did it together." He winked and kissed his cheek. "Save money on hiring other people, too..."

Shinji held back a scream and reached for Zen, shoved out of the way by a paramedic, despite his quiet protests. "Onii-chan... Onii-chan!" Tears came, scared to death that there would be nothing he could do.
Naoki stayed close to his Zen and looked desperately up at a paramedic. "May I -please- come with you... -Please-, I'm his partner..."
Amane wrapped his arms around Shinji, holding him close. He knew what it felt like to see someone you care in pain; he knew it all too well. He also knew that if Shinji interfered it would make things worse, so he held him tighter, despite his protesting. “Let me go, Amane, please let me go.... He O.D.'d, on heroin, god, he could die, Amane, please-!" His thin fingers clutched on his lovers shirt and tried weakly to pull away, afraid now not only for Zen, but for the pretty redhead that was pleading with the paramedics. "Shinji! No! It will only make things worse. The paramedics will give him the shot in his chest, they will!
Please, don't interfere." He desperately tried to hold on to Shinji, praying that he would listen.
Not only was Naoki worried for his lovers life, but he was also worried about the paramedics finding drugs on Zen. He knew that they could probably tell that he had O.D.'d but he could get in more trouble especially with the law if they found drugs on him. He watched the paramedics intently and once they seemed to have looked away for a moment, he reached into an area of his jacket where he knew he often kept some joints and pulled them out, sliding them into his purse. He figured he left the needle in the stall where he could dispose of it.
Shinji turned and buried his head in Amanes shoulder, tears overflowing as his panic got even worse, his heart rabbitting. He clung to his lover, whispering. "Onii-chan...... Oh please.... Be okay..." To try and comfort him, Amane ran his fingers through Shinji's hair,

trying to comfort his distraught lover.
Zen was close to slipping into an unconscious state now, as the paramedics took him to the ambulance, but even then he wasn't letting go of Naoki's hand.
After Naoki had so shadily hid the drugs, he asked once more "Please, allow me to come with him..."
Shinji moved away from Amane and gently reached out to touch Naoki. He was fairly sure that the redhead wouldn't be allowed to go with Zen, and so, was going to offer hospitality if he didn't want to be alone. Amane let Shinji go, still having hold of one of his hands though. He stepped forward to Shinji
could try to comfort the redhead.
The bony boy touched Naoki with one long, thin finger, unsure of what to say, but ready to offer silent support to the man he was sure had been the source of Zens' recent kindness. His smile was weak, but there. Amane finally let Shinji's hand go.
Naoki took in a heavy sigh as the paramedics told him that what he wished for could not be done. He just watched them take Zen away on the stretcher, having the worst silent panic and heartache he had ever experienced in his life.
Once the paramedics had left, he looked towards the bathroom stall where the needle was. "How do you dispose properly
of that...? I don't want too much evidence to get against him." He whispered, to no one in particular.

Shinji grabbed Naokis' wrist, yanking him towards himself in a way his mother used to do, holding him close in a hug, knowing that it might freak the other man out, but unwilling to stand by and do nothing. The heartache in the other mans face hurt. Naoki leaned into the other's chest and stayed there for a while. He didn't know who this person was, but Zen was obviously a mutual friend for them both.
Shinji whispered. "You spray the liquid down the drain, break the needle, and then throw it away wrapped in paper. No one will ever know." Amane watched as his
lover comforted the other.
"Um, you could stay at my place if you need somewhere to crash." He didn't know how to address the redhead, he hadn't found out his name yet, and hadn’t heard Shinjis’ whispered words.

Kaemon shrugged, he didn't know about appearing in front of the camera. He got good money for the few he auctioned off that he did appear in. "I'd have to think about it." Kaemon moved his head and caught Miyos’ lips. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the kiss. He could get used to that having known Kae for less than a whole evening. He finished his drink and ordered a wine
to wind down with. He decided to ask some general questions. "How long have you been here?"
"Here as in where? The club? Never. Tokyo ? A few years." Kaemon finished his beer, not ordering anything else because he still had to drive. He then looked around, something was going on in the direction of the bathrooms, he had been too obsessed with Miyoko to notice. He wondered what was going on.

Emerging from backstage where he'd been talking with the band and cleaning up, Daisetsu had his hand in Ryuji's as they emerged
into a scene of curious onlookers. "What the fuck is going on?" He asked the blonde as if Ruyji would have a clue either.
Ryuji: The guitarist's lover clung to him a bit confused. Ryuji was really sheltered and the most he'd ever done was smoked some pot and drank, he rarely frequented clubs. "NO clue.... This is insane..."

Shinji knew that being pressed against his bony body couldn't be that comfortable, and pushed Naoki away a little bit, smiling gently. "I'm Shinji... You're Zens koi, ne?" He asked quietly, not sure if the other man wanted the information announced. He rubbed the warm hands with his thumbs, trying to help keep the other

The redhead had dragged the teacher backstage to continue talking to Ryuji as well, so when they emerged he immediately clung to Oda. "Koi, what's going on?" He asked quietly, an ominous feeling overtaking him. The teacher blinked a bit. He'd been glad they'd worked things out with Ryuji and weren't in danger of being found out. "Oh... it looks like someone either got alcohol poisoning or overdosed..."

Miyoko nodded. "I'm quite the newcomer." He paused, "Look," He slipped of Kaemons’ lap, "I
better go home..." He slipped a finger into the top of his corset and removed a small card. "Call me about the job, anytime between 4-7 in the evening." He kissed Kaemon, leaving a lot to be desired as he pulled away, clinging onto his hand until he was out of reach, weaving his way through towards the door. He didn't notice anything unusual; he was walking on Cloud 9 and selfishly felt not much else mattered. He disappeared out the door and into the cold.

Daisetsu kept Ryuji close to him as he wove his way through the crowd to get a better look, finally getting close enough to figure out what was going on as he saw the paramedics working on a seemingly unconscious Zen and a frightened looking Naoki being held by another man.
"Shit…looks like Zen OD'd on something." He surmised. The blonde had never seen anything of the sort, and he clung to Daisetsu, scared.
"What... on what? Is he going to die? Is he dead now?" He asked in a panicky voice.
"He should be ok, they'll probably administer an adrenaline shot to his heart." Noticing this was visibly upsetting Ryuji, the redhead remained calm though he was very worried for his friend. "Come on; let's go to the bar for a bit, let things calm down." Ryuji clung to his lovers’ body as he hugged him.
"Hai... I hope so..." he whispered and nodded. "Sounds like a plan..."

Amane hung back, he didn't want to interrupt Shinji. But he felt compelled to have the redhead stay with them, it was the least he could do, after all Shinji was very close to Zen. Naoki breathed another heavy sigh and nodded. "Yes, I'm Zen's boyfriend. My name is Naoki." he said quietly, shaking, and trying not to cry. Shinji pulled the other man close again and pressed his head against his shoulder.
"Shh, shh, Naoki-chan... Onii-chan will be all right... He'll be fine..." He fought tears, swallowing hard.
"I don't know what to do..." Naoki whispered.
"Um, Naoki..?" Amane felt odd,
he had never been in this situation before. Shinji swallowed again.
"I know... But I need you to relax, okay? Just... I'll take care of the bathroom, once... Here, stay with Amane for a moment, would you, I have an idea..." The other man slinked behind the paramedics, sliding into the bathroom and finding the syringe on the floor. He picked it up, spraying the rest of the heroin onto the floor and crushing the glass in his hand, covering it in paper towels and shoving it into the trash as he heard a paramedic come in to do one last check. He dropped to his knees in front of a toilet and made himself vomit, trying to think of a way to get out without being obvious.

"Mou...I'm scared." The throngs of confused people going this way and that, made Eishi cling tighter to Oda. "I hope whoever it was that they're ok." He whispered softly. The blonde held the other protectively close as if it would help.
"They'll probably be fine..." He lead Eishi thought the crowd. The photogropher nodded softly as they were fought their way through, but suddenly his eyes caught who was at the center of the predicament.
"Oda, that’s Naochan." He squeaked worriedly and immediately began to push his way through the crowd to get to his friend. "Naochan!" He cried. The teacher was a bit worried that his koi would just upset
Naoki more then help him, so he stayed close. Naoki looked up, curious. "Yes?" Hurrying over to his friend he touched his shoulder softly.
"What's going on? Are you ok?"
"Zen... he... he..." he bit his lip, trying to get the words out."He took too much heroine... he overdosed and now they took him away..." tears finally began to fall from his eyes.

Leading Ryuji from the main part of the crowd they wandered back over to the bar, sitting down next to a redheaded man that Daisetsu swore looked extremely familiar. Where did he know this stranger from? He tugged Ruyji between his knees and
ordered them two shots of scotch.
The man took his shot and downed it, leaning back into his lovers’ arms, trying to stay rather relaxed, but it was obvious Ryuji had been shaken by that scene. Kissing lovingly over Ryuji's temple, Daisetsu downed his own shot and tried to comfort his lover. "Ruchan, it'll be ok really. I've seen Zen OD before, the paramedics are here, and they’ll help him." He tried to assure his lover. The blonde nodded softly and leaned against him, letting his lover support him. "Hai... baby, I just... I haven’t ever seen anything like this..." He blushed softly. "I mean... all I've ever done is smoked pot."

Shinji was shoved outside by a
rather rough paramedic, who said something about stupid drug addicts as he hit the floor before getting up again and walking over to Amane, holding his bloody hand in his clean one. "That. Hurt a little more than it was supposed to." The taste of bile burned. Amane saw his kois bloody hand.
"Shit, how did that happen?" He took his hand and washed the blood off, using a paper towel he wrapped it up. "Maybe the bartender will have a bandage, unless you wanna wait will we get home?"
"It doesn't hurt now..." His heart ached as he looked at Naoki, and he pulled out his wallet, grabbing a card and, holding it in his good hand, walked to the pretty redhead and handed it to him. "The bathroom is taken care of... Feel free to call, if you want to

The sight of Naoki crying sent him into tears as well as Eishi was a very empathetic soul. He wound his arms around the taller red head. "Oh, Naochan, I'm so sorry." He whispered through his own tears. "I'm sure he'll be ok." He held his friend tightly. "
I know that he has to be ok... He just has to be... But I don't want to even think for a moment that he might not... What if..." He trailed off and started crying more.

"What's going on over there? I heard a lot of commotion but I couldn't get a
good look..." Sascha randomly asked Daisetsu, who was next to him.
"Someone OD'd, the paramedics are here taking care of it though." He assured the stranger, scrutinizing his features carefully as he tried to place him. "I know, Ruchan, but this sorta shit happens sometimes. It's ok." The guitarist leaned against him as he sighed.
"I know." He tried to straighten up and act more manly. Daisetsu hugged his lover tight before hailing down another drink and turning back to Sascha.
"You look really familiar, have we met?"

The blonde moved over to the others and gentley patted Naoki's back. "Shhh... he'll be fine hun.... they'll take good care of him..." The redhead held his friend tighter. "Don't even think that, he's so hardcore, he's strong Naochan and a fighter. I promise you he'll be ok." He kissed his friend's forehead lovingly.

Amane watched as his lover helped the other. He heart ached for Naoki, even though he barely knew him he knew what he was going through. Shinji smiled and walked towards Amane, his throat burning as he leaned against him. "Can we go home
now, love?" He asked quietly, his bloody hand between them. "I'm ready to get some sleep..." Amane wrapped his arms around his koi.
"Of course." He stepped back and exited the crowded bathroom. They headed for the older mans car, sleepily getting to the apartment.

"Met? Hmn... I'm not entirely sure... I have been to a couple of your lives before though." Sascha admitted with a smile. Pulling Ryuji onto his lap, Daisetsu ordered another shot and pressed it into his distraught koi's hands.
"Here, drink
this; it'll calm you down, baby." He then addressed the other man. "Now I know where I've seen you, you're in SYNtax aren’t you?" Daisetsu announced, pleased with himself. The blonde drank the shot and didn't say anything he just looked at the other and nodded.
"I think I’ve seen you guys before too..." Ryu frequented Indies shows.
"Sometimes my band does shows at small venues..." If he could even consider two people being a 'band'. It made him blush. "We hardly ever get anyone to see us though..." He admitted, laughing nervously.

"I just... can't believe any of this. Why do people do this to themselves?" He just didn't understand any of it, and he said to himself, that when Zen makes it through this, he's going to forbid him from going near another needle.
"It's just a form of escapism at first, and then it becomes an addiction. He needs your help Naochan because I'm betting you're the only one close enough to him to make a difference." Eishi spoke softly, looking over his shoulder at his koi. Although Oda wasn't good with that he rubbed Nao's back.
"It's going to be okay... Go be there for him sweetie." Naoki nodded.
"Thank you guys... I... I'd feel really lost without you." Eishi continued to hold onto Naoki, rubbing his back comfortingly.
"Do you want us to accompany you to the hospital?" He hadn't asked Oda if that was ok, but if Oda didn't want to he'd go by himself. He wanted to be there for his friend. The blonde would have followed Eishi anywhere. Of course he'd go to help Eishi's friend if he needed it. Oda moved and hugged Naoki.
"Of course we will sweetie. If you need anything, a friend of Eishi is always a friend of mine."
"Thank you...." He said, still shaking a bit.

His arm still firmly wound around Ryuji's waist, Daisetsu nodded at the stranger. "Daisetsu desu, and this is my boyfriend Ryuji. I live for lives man, so I've seen you a few times. You're stuff is excellent." He nodded at Sascha.
"Thank you!" he said to Daisetsu. The blonde shrugged a bit and chuckled.
"At least you’re in a band... I really need more practice to be in one..." Okay, someone needed to stop Ryuji from drinking anymore. Daisetsu rolled his eyes at Ryuji's constant insistence that he was no good. "He's fucking amazing; don't let him tell you otherwise." Daisetsu assured. Ryuji elbowed his lover
"Shut up. Really though. I swear I've seen you in concert before, I frequent local shows..” Sascha then turned to Ryuji.
"Oh, really? Yeah, my band's name is SYNtax, Sven came up with the name..."
"And it’s a great name by the way. You guys have a recording out?" The blonde chuckled softly and smiled at Sascha.
"Sweet... Wait who's Sven?" He looked at Haru.
"I bet he is amazing! And anyway, I think that just about anyone is better than me as far as guitar playing concerned." He blushed a bit, he felt very
small compared to Daisetsu as far as music was concerned, and he assumed that Daisetsu may date a very good musician as well.
Haru shook his head quickly.
"No, I'm just... Helping with their website."
"Sven is the other guitarist in Syntax. He's pretty much in charge of everything with the band, I often feel like I'm his bitch." Sascha admitted with a laugh.
Daisetsu looked curiously at the man near Sascha, noting his style. He really did like the EGL look, even if he didn't dress the part himself. Addressing Sascha again he continued, "No man you guys are good, you do some amazing panatonic
modulations that are really unique." He assured.
The blonde in the ever drunk state he was at the point went up and hugged Sascha patting him on the back.
"It's okay! I'm his bitch..." He laughed and pointed to Daisetsu. Sascha laughed softly, not -at- Ryuji but at the 'bitch' comment. "I see I see."
"Remind me never to buy you shots again." Daisetsu chuckled at his lover's antics. "So you do website design?" He asked Haru. "That's cool man, I’m shit with computers.
"Well I'm just going to get started on it, I'll try to make it as good as possible." He replied with a

"Shhh...Naochan...it'll be ok. We'll go to the hospital with you and wait all night if we have to make sure he's ok." Eishi gave a grateful look to his lover, Oda really was amazing.
"When do you think would be a good time to visit him?" Naoki asked sheepishly. He really wanted to see him now, right then and there, but he didn't know if that would be possible. The student bit his lip. "Mou, I'm not sure they'll let us in right away, what do you think Oda?" The blonde nodded.
"They normally only let
family in until the morning. We can go sit in the waiting room... Or you can come home with Eishi and me, Naoki, to my place and try to eat and change... Whichever you want."
"I don't know what would be better... I want to see him so badly but going now may prove to be fruitless... I just want to see him and know for sure that he is ok..."

Ryuji wound his arm around Scachas shoulder and smiled, moving to look at Haru for the first time. "Mou... I like your dress... It's so cute... DAIDai... can we
take them home with us?" He smiled at Sascha and Harumi. "Wouldn't that be fun?" Speaking to Sascha, the guitarist laughed.
"Excuse him...He's really drunk." He shook his head and pulled Ryuji back into his arms, keeping him there for his own good. Haru couldn't help but blush at Ryuji's comment, looking away shyly.
"Don't worry about it, I grew up in Russia , where everyone drinks vodka all night long!" Laughing at Sascha's comment, Daisetsu looked at
"I apologize to you for him too; he's had a bit too
much to drink. But yeah, I'd love to see the site when it's done; we need to get a site up and running too." The blonde chuckled happily and complained sweetly.
"Mou... Daidai... You told me to make friends!" He giggled happily. "These are my friends...." He held his arms out to Sascha. "Aren't we friends?"
"Yes, we are friends!" Sascha said and hugged him, humoring the blonde man.

"Well we can call the hospital, they'll tell us his status on the phone and what ward he's in." Eishi offered. "Why don't you come home with us and then first thing in the morning we'll go see him." Oda
"I have an idea.... but you may not like the suggestion so don't get mad at me..." Naoki looked up at Oda curiously. The blonde blinked. "Well it probably wouldn't work... I mean... unless you and Eishi can get you to look more like a women, and less like a drag queen... Then you could claim to be his sister..."

Daisetsu rolled his eyes. "Ryu, you are something else." He laughed mouthing to Sascha thank you for humoring him. Moving out of his lovers grasp, Ryuji snuggled Sascha and smiled.
"Hai! He's my friend! We're going to take on the world right baby!" he formed hxc rock
hands and waved them in the air. Sascha winked, mouthing 'it's nothing'
Haru giggled softly at the amusement they were providing. Daisetsu sighed. "You're gonna take on bed and a hell of a hangover tomorrow baby." He quipped. "So when are you guys playing next?"
"We've got 3 gigs next month... it's really not that much" He admitted, coming back down to earth. Ryuji nodded and smiled at Sascha.
"FUCK YES!" He smirked happily. "FUCK DUDE... Will you teach me Russian? That
would be hot!" He nodded clinging to Sascha.
"NASTROVIA, GALOBCHIK!" he yelled happily to Ryuji and drank to that.
Laughing he shook his head, with a nod to Haru, who obviously found all this as amusing as he did. "Yeah, let me know when the shows are." He laughed more at the Russian words he couldn't decipher. Ryuji smiled happily and nodded, wrapping an arm around him with a smirk.
"Nas-tro-vi-ya Ga-ro-bu-chi-ku!"

"Oh!" his eyes went wide. "We can do that, ne Naoki? I mean Zen thought you were a woman at
first! We can go back to my house and get you a bra and some less clubby looking clothes." He beamed proudly at his kois very smart suggestion. The blonde smiled softly at his suggestion and nodded.
"It just might work if your up for it Naoki-san."
"I'll do anything... as long as I can see him..."
"Come on, lets get out of here and back to my apartment, it's not far from here. We'll get you ready to see him Naochan, this has to work."
The blonde nodded and put his arm arround Naoki in support of him. "Hai... let's go."

The blonde, suddenly getting rather horny, moved to his lover, whispering. "If you take me home... I promise you that we'll have the best sex we've had yet baby..." He pushed his hips into Daisetsus’ side.
"It was nice talking to both of you but I need to get this one home." The redhead nodded to Ryuji as he heard the blonde's comment. "Baby, you're so drunk I'll be lucky if I don't have to carry you home." Leading Ryuji by the waist, he bid them goodnight.
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