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Speak to Me Someone

Ryuji felt like he was being watched the whole time he was in the train. Something about a grown male crying just made people watch him. He felt so alone as he exited, cold from the conversation he'd just had with his father. He wasn't going to see that women, as he wasn't going to give up the only person that had ever made him feel loved and special, Daisetsu.

Gene - Speak to Me Someone

Daisetsu was Ryuji's everything and that's who he was on his way to see. Making his way to the red heads apartment, he really hoped he was home. With tears in his eyes, he didn't care if the other saw his tears, he just needed to see Daisetsu. His Daidai, he knew that his Daidai would help him calm down.

Putting the finishing touches on Ryuji’s birthday song, he sighed contentedly as he revised the score sheets for about the millionth time before painstakingly copying them over onto a clean sheet. Daisetsu, being the broke ass dish bitch that he was, didn’t have enough money to get his lover anything nice or fancy, so instead he’d penned a new Emulsion song, inspired by the blonde, as well as, had bought the smaller man some new guitar strings because hey – you can never have enough of those. Cracking his neck as he stood, the redhead wandered through the desolate apartment and into the tiny, cramped kitchen to grab himself a well deserved beer from the fridge.

The blonde's cell phone had been ringing and registering his father's number the whole time. Ryuji wasn't going to answer his phone and instead turned it off as he climbed the stairs to Daisetsu's apartment. Trying in vain to wipe the tears from his eyes as he approached the door, Ryuji knocked on it, fingers crossed as he hoped his koi was home.

Surprised at the knock, the taller man’s eyebrows rose in an inquisitive arch as he set the beer down on the coffee table and went to the door, opening it only to find a distraught and even more diminutive looking Ryuji in his midst. “God, ruchan…come in baby…what’s wrong?” He cooed out affectionately, genuinely concerned for his lover’s current state of duress. Daisetsu pulled him into a tight embrace after closing the door behind him, kissing his forehead softly. “What happened Ryu?” He queried softly.

Being caught in the embrace he leaned against his lover's chest. "Daisetsu..." Ryuji tried to get control of himself before whispering. "My father... he's such an asshole." He wasn't sure what all to tell his lover, but before he knew it he was blurting more out. "He wanted me to date some girl... but I told him no, and he yelled at me about dishonoring the family..."

Unfortunately, Daisetsu knew all about the my father says I’m dishonoring the family diatribe. After all his wanting to play rock instead of classical had gotten him thrown out of the house and besides Yume and his mother, out of the family. He still had doubts his mother even told his father that she came up to visit on occasion. Knowing his old man he’d shit a brick if he ever find that out, never mind about Yume coming to visit. “Come on in baby…” Lovingly, the redhead removed the other’s coat and hung it up before taking his hand and leading Ryuji to the couch, making him sit before running into the kitchen to fetch another beer and bringing it back to the blonde. Sitting down besides him he pressed the cold bottle into his lover’s hands before winding an arm around his shoulders. “Shhh…baby…it’s ok, you’re here with me now.” He whispered comfortingly. “Your dad can’t do anything to you right now.”

Opening his beer the blonde took a large drink of it before sighing. Making sure he'd gotten the crying under control he leaned against him and sighed. "I'm just so pissed off... He's been doing this to me my whole life Daisetsu, and I'm sick of it... it's my birthday and all he did was harass me... none of them even said happy birthday Daidai, because of him... he has them all scared shitless, and I just said no and walked out... he's going kill me when I finally see them again..."

Running his hand up and down Ryuji’s arm comfortingly Daisetsu sighed. “My old man’s the same way, Ruchan. It was his way or the highway, and I for one chose the highway, but I didn’t have as much going for me as you do. But if he makes you meet this girl, go along with it and just act like a retard and she won’t like you.” The redhead felt awfully smart at that suggestion. “That way you appease your dad, and you don’t have to see this chick more than once.” He reasoned, taking a swig of his own beer. “As soon as you’re outta school Ryuji you can assert yourself a lot more with him.” Canting his head to kiss his lover’s temple he added softly. “Happy birthday koi, by the way.” He had his surprises in store but he figured now was not the time.

Smiling at his lovers comment about his birthday he whispered. "Thank you..." then shook his head. "Not the girl my dad has in mind... everything is about show when it comes to them. Like my brother, he's married to this girl and we can tell they can't stand each other but everyone thinks they're in love. It's all about putting on a show..." he laughed softly. "Dad wants me to marry her." He sighed taking another long drink of his beer before kissing Daisetsu's lips softly. "But I won’t do that, I just want to be with you."

His arm sliding around his lover’s waist, he pulled the blonde into his lap, kissing his nape as he adjusted Ryuji to be comfortable. “Yeah, but if you act like a total idiot she won’t want to marry you and all. That way you’ve done your familial obligation and gotten out of marriage.” Daisetsu countered. “Yeah, not everyone can walk away like I did, so I mean I understand, my older brothers always obeyed my father, they still do to this day. He arranged each of their marriages to a woman he deemed morally and socially suitable for the family, though two out of the three can’t stand their wives and are only with them out of obligation. Funnily enough, they resent me because I basically said fuck you to the old man and left.” A wry chuckle escaped his lips. “Yeah, but…anyhow…I just want to be with you too…I love you Ruchan…so much baby.” Another slow drink of the lager careened down his throat as he laid his head on Ryuji’s shoulder.

The blonde sighed leaning against him as he leaned back into his arms. "I love you too..." Chuckling softly Ryuji shook his head. "No, with my luck the women would feel the same way about family obligations and put up with me..." Chuckling softly he moved to finish his beer, setting it down on the table before he sighed and shook his head. "Honestly, I have no clue what's going to happen, no one has ever said no to my father... were in unseen territory here."

“I’ll help you as much as I can Ruchan, but I know you’ve got a lot riding on your father’s approval.” It was plain as day and Daisetsu could read the writing on the wall, a break up was looming on the horizon if his lover would be forced to see this woman and eventually marry her. A soft sigh followed his inner monologue, “Ryuji, I love you, but whatever happens, I don’t want you to sacrifice your education to be with me.” He nodded firmly, last thing he wanted was for the blonde to have to work a shit ass job like him and barely eat to be able to get by. Ryuji was smart, and intuitively sharp even if he didn’t give himself credit for being so. No, Daisetsu would bow out if it came right down to it, he’d rather his koi have a prosperous future then an uncertain one with himself.

Ryuji slid around in his lovers lap so that he was facing Daisetsu, straddling his lap so that he could lean his forehead against his lovers. "Daidai..." He whispered softly. "You've been so good to me..." he whispered softly and sighed. "Everything you've done for me has been sweet and caring..." he leaned against him. "Let's just see what happens... I need you Daidai. You keep me grounded and sane... I mean," Ryuji was stumbling over words as he sighed giving up and just kissed him. "You're the only person who's ever loved me... my parents never even said they loved me, they gave me everything I needed... but it was only to give the impression that we were a good family..."

Nodding softly in return before pressing his lips gently to Ryuji’s, Daisetsu’s eyes flicked downward before he started. “Ryuji…I don’t know where we’ll end up…but I won’t let you sacrifice anything for me.” He stated calmly though inwardly he wanted his lover to say fuck it all to his family as he’d done so many years before. But Ryuji had promise; he himself could never focus long enough to be a success at school. It wasn’t that Daisetsu was dumb; it was more like he just found the whole endeavor of education a waste of his time, and thusly treated it as such. Moving the blonde from his lap he stood and walked over to his guitar stand, pulling a small, badly wrapped package out and handing it to the older man. “Happy Birthday, I got you something else too, well actually, I kinda wrote you something, but if you don’t want to hear it now I understand.” He sincerely hoped his lover understood that he just didn’t have the means to get him something really nice though he truly wanted to.

The blonde blushed and smiled. "No ones ever written me anything..." he smiled happily and took the gift, opening the guitar strings. "This is so great Daidai..." he blushed softly. "It's so sweet of you to give me the thing that brought us together, you were buying guitar strings when we met, right?" Moving to kiss his koi before sitting back on the couch and looking at him, "And of course I want to hear it... no ones ever written me anything..." he blushed watching his koi with hearts in is eyes.

“Hai…we did. That first day I came into the shop and you were working. Ryu….I knew then I wanted to be with you…after I heard you play you had me hooked. I was so nervous….” Daisetsu laughed softly, “I mean…I really wanted you to come to the show later on.” Biting his lip he continued. “I’m so glad you did.” Moving to transverse the room, the redhead picked up his guitar and began playing an asyncroistic metal song, the chords in random tandem to the track of other instrument’s he’d started to fill the background on his PC. His eyes were glued to his lover as he played, finally ending in a crescendo of distortion and dubbed drums before he sat down next to Ryuji again. “It’s Emulsion’s new song, I named it after you.” He offered softly.

The blonde was in awe at what his lover had written for him, feeling completely spoiled and loved. "I love it..." he whispered move back into his lap taking Daisetsu's arms and wrapping them around him. "Thank you Daidai," he smiled softly and leaned against him stroking the redhead's chest. "Will you teach me how to play it?" Ryuji loved his rock star boyfriend, and to be honest, he thought it was fucking sexy as all hell that he was going to be able to watch them on stage play the song that was written for him.

Nodding as he set his guitar down and moved back to the couch, planting Ryuji in his lap again he nuzzled his lover’s nape. “I wrote out the sheet music, its in that envelope over there…I wanted you to have your own copy, but I mean…I wouldn’t mind teaching you to play it either.” Daisetsu chuckled. “Ruchan…I’m sorry about my gifts…I know they’re pretty lousy…I just really couldn’t afford any more.” His chocolate eyes met Ryuji’s shyly as he bit his lip. “One day, I promise you I’ll give you so much more for your birthday.” Bowing softy Daisetsu felt completely embarrassed. He knew what the blonde was used to in an upper-class household, and he’d given him the paltry gift of guitar strings and a song…something not even tangible. It was times like these that really made the younger man realize what a vast difference in upbringing they’d experienced. He just hoped his smaller lover wouldn’t hate him for his measly gifts.

Hearing Daisetsu's reply he just shook his head. "No, no, no! You don't understand Daisetsu...." Leaning to give him a soft kiss he shook his head. "These gifts mean so much more to me then some expensive thing... because they're from the heart. My entire life I always got expensive gifts that just felt cold, or worse, cash. The fact that these are so personal and from you, especially the song, to know you spent so much time on it and that you were thinking of me that much to do it. That makes me feel like the most loved man on earth." Ryuji adored his gifts and he wanted Daisetsu to understand how much they meant to him

Blushing the redhead stuttered softly…”Ru… don’t have to say that just to be nice you know. I know having a song by a mildly successful indies band named after you really isn’t much.” He commented softly. “Gomen Ruchan, I really wanted to buy you that guitar you’ve been lusting after in the shop…” Daisetsu bowed his head low…”God baby, I wanted you to have it to badly, I’m sorry for being such a shitty koi.”

Leaning foreword Ryuji shook his head kissing his lips. "Iie, if I had really wanted the guitar I could have gotten it... although it's sweet that you wanted to get it for me..." He sighed softly and stroked Daisetsu's cheek. "Baby, I love the song, and I'm serious and not just saying it to be nice. Whenever I'm running sound and hearing you play it, I'll have to control myself to stop from running up on stage and molesting you there. Because when you play guitar, you're the hottest thing I swear... and the fact that it's for me, and that I know that you're mine... it's just amazing to me."

Smirking softly Daisetsu answered, “I wrote it for you Ruchan, just for you…” Leaning in closer the redhead placed a soft kiss to his lover’s lips. “I wouldn’t mind if you ran on stage and molested me…” He added with a smooth chuckle, “However, I think the other members might get a bit pissed if the sound suddenly becomes off.” Nuzzling his lover’s neck his voice dropped to a scant whisper. “Whatever happens down the road Ryuji, just know that I really do love you, and I want you to be happy.” He added with a bit of a nod as he pulled back and his chocolate gaze met the blonde’s own, trying to reassure him with the sincerity in his eyes.

Nervously the blonde nibbled on the inside of his lip, something about the sentence that his koi spoke had scared him. Ryuji didn’t want to think that he wouldn’t be with Daisetsu, as ridiculous as that sounded, he didn’t want to believe that he would ever really break up with Daisetsu. Ryuji knew that legitimately speaking, no one’s first relationship ever worked out, but who wants to admit that the relationship that they are in isn’t going to work. Leaning against his lover Ryuji sighed and nodded, “I know, and I love you too, baby. I just want to be with you, Daidai.”

Reassuring his lover with gentle hands massaging Ryuji’s back softly, Daisetsu nodded. “I know baby, I want that too. I want everything to work out between us Ruchan, I really do.” A soft sigh left his lips as he looked deeper at the reality of the situation, the blonde was bound to his familial obligations that obviously didn’t include a gay lover. “Come on, let’s not worry about something that may not happen anyhow.” His new intent was to cheer both the older man and himself up a bit. “You wanna jam for a little bit? I could teach you that song if you’re up for it.” Daisetsu gave his lover a sincere smile.

Guitars always had a way of taking Ryuji’s mind off of a situation, they had ever since he was a small child, which is why he’d been so content with music. The blonde had spent most of his childhood locked in his room with musical instruments, his own form of escape from the overbearing father of his. “Hai, I’d like that…” he smiled at the others suggestion as he slowly rose from the others lap. “Can I borrow one of yours, as I obviously haven’t been hiding a guitar in my pocket all day.”

Nodding as he rose, he handed the blonde his midnight blue ESP before taking up his own crimson colored Ganesa. Standing to face the much shorter man after turning up the volume on the amp, he nodded to his lover. “Ok, starts out like this.” His svelte fingers moved at a much slower pace over the strings, a pace that would allow his lover to pick up the intricately written song. A genuine smile blossomed on his lips as he taught his lover the song he’d spent the last few weeks composing, tweaking, scrapping, rewriting, and orchestrating. He’d spent so many hours on this labor of love, and he was thrilled that the blonde truly did appreciate it.

Following his lovers lead, the blonde slid his fingers across the blue guitar, sliding up and down the frets as the red haired man taught him the song. Eyes focused on his lovers fingers as he plucked the strings of the guitar, no matter what Daisetsu said, he truly was a better guitarist then his blonde haired lover. Ryuji loved music, he just didn’t have a passion for playing like his counterpart, honestly, the only time Ryuji ever seemed to find himself playing a guitar anymore, was at the shop or with his koi. Yet, Ryuji had a feeling he’d be playing his song that he was learning more often, whenever he missed his koi and couldn’t be with him.
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