Yamaoka Zen (so___hxc) wrote in ishindenshin,
Yamaoka Zen

Finally getting admittance to view his lover, Naoki walked down the hallway searching for Zen's room number, looking far far more feminine than usual. He had taken Oda's suggestion quite well, making himself look convincing enough to pass 100% as a female (he was even wearing the false breasts). Once he had found the room, he slowly opened the door, peering in to make sure it was the right room, and seeing his Zen lay in the bed. Seeing him like that made him feel like crying once more but he held back the tears and walked in.

During most of the time he had spent in the hospital Zen had remained unconcious; his body was trying to recover from the terrible self-induced damage. Even now he was still asleep though not as deeply as before; the cables connected to him and the sterile scent of hospitals weren't something Zen liked at all.

Naoki took a seat next to the bed and took Zen's hand in his own, caressing it with his other. He looked his lover over, so happy that he was still alive, but still very upset about this whole incident. He brought his lips down to Zen's hand and kissed it gently.

Zen's eyes fluttered open as he felt the movement in bed, he tried to focus his vision on the blur of red nearby him, "Naoki..?" His voice sounded rather raspy since his vocal chods has gotten strained with all the coughing and gasping.

Zen's voice made Naoki perk up a bit, surprised at first, but so happy that he could speak with him now. "Zen!" he leaned over and hugged him real close, kissing his cheek. He made sure to be gentle.

"Hey.." He smiled slightly, glad to see his lover there with him and looking.. well, a lot more femenine than usual. "What did you tell them to get in?"

"I told them I was your sister." he laughed. "Eishi's boyfriend, Oda suggested it. I'm sorry if it freaks you out..." actually, Naoki thought that Zen would freak out more if he came in looking like a guy, which was probably something that Naoki wouldn't ever do. "How do you feel?"

Zen chuckled, "That was smart, they wouldn't have let you in otherwise." He shifted a bit, trying to ignore the IV on his arm for which it seemed like they had had to puncture one too many times to find a good vein. "I'm feeling okay.. Last time it was worse."

"I'm so glad you're ok... and still alive..." his voice shook a little. "Zen... I... I don't want you to do heroine anymore." he said a bit suddenly. "This happening to you once is enough for me and I don't want this to happen ever again..."

He sighed, "It's not so simple, Naoki. I can't just stop using it all of a sudden, my body needs it and eliminating it like that would only cause more problems.."

"Can't you use marijuana instead? It's less harmful isn't it and it still makes you feel good, right?" he was pretty desperate to get him to stop with the heroine. "Please Zen, I'll do anything."

"Sure, I could, but they're different, I'd still have to go to some sort of rehab for the heroin part.." Which wasn't an idea he liked; what would the other dealers think of him? Rumours spread fast in this world.

"Zen, please..." he crawled next to him in the bed and looked at him desperately. "I'll do anything, I love you and I don't want you to get hurt anymore than this! When I saw what happened to you, I just..." he trailed off.

Zen brought up his hand to caress Naoki's cheek, "There's nothing you can do; it's my problem and I'm the one who was to solve it."

"I just don't want to loose you Zen... and I don't want you to get in trouble with the law either! I want to be with you for a long time and I don't want it to be cut short by anything..." he felt that he said too much right there. Maybe he was getting too clingy.

Zen went silent and looked away from the redhead; Naoki truly cared so much for him but Zen was always putting his life in danger, he didn't deserve someone so caring if all he would do was making them worry all the time. The drug-dealer bit his lower lip, unsure of what to do now as he noticed that the redhead seemed to love him for real.

The redhead sighed and changed the subject. "Before they took you away, I got your drugs from your jacket and hid them in my purse so they wouldn't find them."

"Oh, thank you.." The previous thoughts still lingered in his mind though, drowning him in a sea of self pity.

Naoki nodded a bit, then held Zen closer, caressing his cheek and stroking his hair. He then leaned down to kiss him on the lips, tenderly and deeply. "Zenchan... if there is anything I can do to make anything better, please let me know..."

Zen shook his head slightly, "There's isn't anything you can do, maybe..." He looked up at Naoki, "Maybe it'd be better if you didn't have to deal with my problems."

"What are you saying?" Naoki bit his lip, hoping he didn't mean what he thought he meant.

"I'm not any good to you. All that I do is give you more worries and put you in danger." He had to swallow hard to continue, "You'd be better without me."

Tears practically fell from his eyes instantly when those words were said. "No! Zen, you're not giving me any problems, I just want to help you!" he clung tightly to him, almost as if he were hanging onto him for dear life. "Please, please don't say that... please... I love you, I love you more than anything and you're the best thing that ever happened to me!"

"How can getting a junkie boyfriend with no real future be the best thing that ever happened to you? Must be a pretty shitty life then." Zen couldn't believe he had just said that, he had sounded so cruel.. But it was probably the only way to make Naoki leave him.

Naoki stayed silent for a long time, but continued to hold him close. He was biting his lip so hard now, that he little droplets of blood began to run from his lip and he didn't even realize it.

"Go make something good out of your life, don't waste it here." Secretly, Zen was closer to tears than he had been in a long while, but he couldn't let them out now and lose the cold jerk act.

Suddenly Naoki cracked a slap across his face. "Are you still high off of that heroine? Don't be so stupid! Do you think I'm going to just leave you like that, let you die, let you get into deeper shit than you have already? Stop insulting yourself, you can deal with it if you get a little help!"

Fuck being HxC; Zen couldn't hold it anymore and started to sob quietly like the lost child he was in this big scary world.

Naoki could barely believe his eyes. Was Zen actually crying? Right then and there, something about that made him fall in love with Zen even more. "Darling...." he caressed his cheek. "Don't think that you're going to get rid of me that easily... everything is going to be ok, love. I will be here for you." he kissed his cheek and gave his hand a squeeze.

"Why..? Why do you care for me?" His voice sounded like it would break any moment now, "I've never done anything good for you or ever said 'I love you'.."

"You've made me feel so good, Zen. You made me feel like I meant something to the world... or at least you." he kissed his cheek lightly. "You've taught me a lot of things too... so many things... and you even gave me a second chance even when you were discusted by me. You're important to me, and I just can't help but love and care for you."

There were only a few more sobs before Zen calmed down again; he wiped away the tears on his face and looked at Naoki, "I don't know what I'd do without you.."
"And I don't know what I'd do without you. I need you, Zen!" he hugged him tightly.

Zen hugged back, "Sorry for what I said earlier.. Don't know what was I thinking about.."

"It's ok, love... it's ok...." he hugged him tightly. "When you're well enough to get out of here, I think we should have some fun..."

"Yeah, we should." He smiled softly.

"What would you like to do?" he asked optomistically and with a smile. "I'd be up for anything..."

"Hm.. I don't know, it's your turn to pick what to do."

"...karaoke! And you have to sing!" he giggled.

Zen groaned, "Fine, but I'll make everyone run away!"

"No you won't." he giggled. "Trust me, I've seen bad singers, and I think that if you sing something 'really' hardcore it won't be so bad." he playfully nuzzled him.

"Hm.. You're right, I'll have to pick something very hardcore." He said while making the scrunchy face, "I'm guessing you'll sing Cyndi Lauper songs."

"Maaaaaybe." he giggled. "But obviously I can't get that high-pitched." he was getting all excited now. "I can't wait to here Zenchan sing something hardcore!"

Zen laughed, "Hell yeah, it'll be fucking hardcore!"

Naoki giggled and cuddle up closer to him. "Mhh, I can't wait." he purred. "Oh, I almost forgot..." he got up and reached down, placing a large arangement of flowers on the windowsill. "I got this arranged for you at the flower shop!" he said, turning back around and skipping back to the bed, cuddling up with Zen again.

"Wow, no one had ever gave me a flower arrangement before.. Thanks." He nuzzled the redhead contently,

Naoki smiled. "You're welcome, Zenchan. I picked out the flowers myself." he stroked his hair some more.

"They must have been expensive.. You shouldn't have bothered."

"I get big discounts since I work there though! ...I did tell you I have a daytime job, right?" he giggled.

"Oh, right, thanks to me you were running late for work a while ago.." A large grin took over his face.

Naoki smiled. "I remember that..." he nuzzled his neck. "But I didn't mind being late that day."

"Your boss must have minded though."

"Not terribley... he was a little concerned, that's all." he caressed his cheek some more. "Zenchan, see if you can figure out when you may get out of here... I can't wait to have fun with you... then I can give you a massage and cook for you and have sex, I mean..." he giggled.

Zen purred, "If I could get up without nurses rushing in to push me back into bed I'd have gotten up to ask the docs about that a while ago."

"I know, I know..." he sighed, then eyed him curiously. "Hey... are you wearing anything underneath that sheet?"

"Maybe." He teased, pulling the sheet up to his neck.

Naoki playfully ran his hands along his lover's chest, feeling his hardened nipples underneath. "Mh... let me find out?" he asked innocently.

"Just lock the door first." Zen whispered; once he had heard that sex was actually good for your health, that didn't mean doctors should find out you were taking such medicine though.

The redhead smiled, going over to the door and locking it, before running back rather hastily. "Now may I?"
"...after all, I must make sure you're ok. Zen. Call me Nurse Naoki." he demanded.

"Ah, nurse Naoki, I'm not feeling too well, should I get a check up?"

"Yes, yes you should." he slowly pulled the cover down, inch by inch, revealing Zen's tattoo covered body.

"I think I might have a fever.." He said while pretending to wipe sweat off his forehead.

"Oh, you poor dear..." he finally pulled the cover off completely. "You must be so hot." he then got on top of him and straddled his torso, his skirt riding up his legs.

"Yeah, I'm burning.." His hands moved over to Naoki's legs, "Please help me, nurse."

Naoki smiled and leaned down, planting a deep, sensual kiss on his lips as his hands traveled down his chest. He then pulled away, snaking down his body, and finally settling between his legs, positioned on all fours and looking ever so tempting.

"I'm scared, nurse Naoki.. Will it hurt?" He said while pouting slightly; usually he wasn't all that into roleplaying but god, Naoki made this so hot.

"Maybe just a feeling of slight discomfort... just relax, my dear patient." he trailed his lips along his inner thighs, teasing him without mercy, occasionally brushing his lips over his erection, but pulling away just as fast, to get him harder.

"Okay.." Zen had to bite his lip to avoid himself from moaning loud enough for the real nurses outside to hear what was going on. "Yeah, I'm getting that slight discomfort you mentioned." He groaned at the constant teasing, "Anything you can do about it?"

"Well... there is something..." Naoki finally lowered his head and slowly took him into his mouth, moving his tongue around the crown, and gliding up and down the shaft.

Zen's entire body shivered at this, "Ah.. I'm feeling much better already.."

'Nurse' Naoki trailed his fingers up and down his 'patient's' chest, trailing his nails along the contours of his body and giving his nipples a tease.

The 'patient' ran his fingers trough the beautiful 'nurse's' hair, his hips trusting up slightly in search of something more.

The redhead allowed his throat to open up a bit wider, remaining calm as he did so, allowing Zen to thrust deeper into the back of his throat. His gag reflex was becoming less and less.

As his hips bucked up faster Zen leaned closer and whispered, "I'm not sure of who'll be the one needing medical attention, nurse."

"Mmhhh...." Naoki simply moaned, sending vibrations into Zen, keeping his composure pretty well.

At this rate he was soon near the verge of ecstasy, "Nurse, this has got to be the best medicine ever.."

Naoki smiled, releasing him suddenly. "I know what could make it even better..." Oh, his throat felt real sore now!

"What could that possibly be?" His body ached for the rather abruptly interrupted release that was soon to come if the 'nurse' didn't do anything.

With a smile on his lips, Naoki slowly slid his panties (yes, panties) down, and tossed them aside. He looked around the room a bit and found some sort of cream, not really having an idea of what it was, but assumed it would work. He grabbed the container and opened it, beginning to lubricate Zen.

Zen eyed the substance a bit skeptically; you never know what can be found in hospitals, "Are you sure that thing's safe? I don't want to risk a precious part of my anatomy."

"Oh shush, dear patient, I am a nurse after all!" Once he had finished with what he was doing, he straddled him once more, moving back over Zen's erect cock. "Fuck me."

"Of course, must do what the nurse says! Who would know better what's good for me?" Being the obedient patient he was Zen followed the nurse's intructions promptly; reminding the redhead that indeed, Zen might not be the one needing medical attention after this.

"Oh god!" Naoki tried to keep his voice from getting too loud. Never had he been fucked in such a position before-- but then again, he only had sex twice and both of the times were with Zen. This was so painful but he liked it! "Deeper!"

Zen spoke in a breathy voice, "Nn.. Just try to keep it quiet, nurse." Then he granted the request; thrusting himself deeper into Naoki.

Naoki stifled a cry, downgrading what it would have been into a whimper. "Zen..." he said breathily. "Ah... yes..."

The patient continued doing this for a while, trying different angles until reaching the right spot.

Once he had hit that bundle of nerves, Naoki couldn't help but whimper rather loudly, as much as he tried to stifle himself. He suddenly couldn't hold himself back, as he came on Zen's bare chest. Naoki blushed deeply.

"I'm expecting a sponge bath in the future, nurse." Zen smirked up at him, and after a few more thrusts, he came into Naoki. Somehow managing to hold back a moan.

"Mmmh...." he almost fell backwards, having to support himself with one of his hands on the bed. "Yes... of course...." the sensation getting filled up with his lover's semen was one that always put him in the most sensual of moods. He could barely think now.
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