Akiyama Takajiro (titrateepinephr) wrote in ishindenshin,
Akiyama Takajiro

From night to fight. (Solo)

The doctor ended up getting home, just after ten, to a dark house. The children, he knew, were asleep and he couldn’t help feel a little bad about coming home so late after talking with his brother that he didn’t have a chance to spend time with his kids on the only day he would really have time to. The man shook that off, though, after a moment and poked his head into each room to whisper a ‘good night’ to them before heading off to his own bedroom.

He had expected his wife to be home perhaps in the living room or den with or without a friend or a book in her lap and more then likely with a full glass of wine in her hand. He had not, however, expected to find her in their room and to an even lesser extent to find her naked and on top of a man he could not see from his position in the doorway.

Apparently she got her gardener. Takajiro thought and, after his moment of shock, walked quietly back out of the room and closed the door behind him with a click. That was something he had never really wanted to see though he had known it was going on for nearly a year now.

“Have fun with her tonight, ne?” The dark haired boy chuckled a bit, closing his eyes, as he remembered those words from his brother and shook his head. If this was fun, walking in on your wife having sex with someone else, he worried what having a horrible time would entail.

The man ended up staring blankly at the turned off tv for nearly an hour before falling asleep on the couch, only to be awoken by his wife at four the next morning to go to work. The only words exchanged were terse- get going, you’re going to be late.

During his breaks that day and sporadic times he was able to jump on the phone Takajiro set the college tuition bills to be sent to him instead of their father and half convinced Yusuke that he would take care of everything and had the older man send him over the signed papers for the apartment so he could transfer that billing account as well.

Skipping dinner he talked with the apartment owner and double checked everything and then did the same for the university. In all the dark haired boy couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out. Their father didn’t know yet, of course, and when he did Takajiro knew he would be catching hell but for now all he felt was a sense of accomplishment.

Someone in their family would be truly happy and even with the inklings of jealousy that came with that fact couldn’t take away from the simple feeling of accomplishment.

Over the next three days the doctor signed up for another medical conference and spent as much of his free time with his children as he could around work. Aneko and he did not talk and he continued to attempt to sound like he was doing something about Ryuji over the phone with his father.

It was a nice enough week though Takajiro couldn’t help but know it wouldn’t last. His weak excuses and assurances would not hold out much longer and he knew that it was only a matter of time before the older man got a notice stating that his oldest son had taken over the bills for the youngest tuition.

It was not even a week after Ryuji’s birthday again on his only day off. After sending his two kids off to play outside he was faced with the unwavering face of both his wife and father.

The actual conversation didn’t start until they were all in the den, standing stiffly and just being able to hear the children in the background from outside.

“Just what did you think you were doing Takajiro? Adding to Ryuji’s delinquency!” The older man paced slightly, hands held behind his back as he looked over at the younger boy. “Is this how you replay your family? By giving in to something and letting someone ruin our family name?”

“And what were you doing? Deciding alone that you’d use our money and spending it on that brat who doesn’t even know how to behave.” Takajiro decided to take interest in his wife’s nails, trying to decide exactly what color they were as gestured and made it blur slightly.

“I talked with him and decided it was worth it.” Firm hands forced his face back up to stare at furious eyes, ironically very similar looking to his own. “He doesn’t deserve to be made to do anything that he shouldn’t…he’s almost done with school anyway.”

“Who taught you this disrespect? I’m your father and you went against what I said and undermined things that I was doing for the good of our family.” The feeling of the back of his fathers hand caught Takajiro off guard and he nearly stumbled a moment, looking up to stare at his father in shock. He didn’t even catch his wife’s surprised sound or catch, at first, that his nose was bleeding slightly.

He had not been hit before past once by Aneko when she had been too furious for words and, at that time, he had been too drunk to care. His father had threatened him before, tapped him perhaps a little harshly but never hit him full on like that.

The doctor put a hand to his nose and looked at his fingers afterwards, not too surprised at the bit of blood he found there. “Father…I don’t know if you realize it yet but I am an adult now…and I am the head of my own house hold.”

“Which means you should not meddle with mine.”

“But yours is still mine and I believe that this is what’s best for my brother.” He stood up again, making sure to not be in a completely defensive stance for this even though he wanted to retreat and would soon after. “And as I now hold the deeds and have set it up I will pay for what I have promised him…Now if you’ll excuse me I have an appointment.”

Takajiro turn and walked away quickly with that, shrugging off his wife’s hands and whipping away the blood that had dribbled down the side of his lip. He would go to park, he figured, the park would be a good place to relax. Much better then home.

He knew he should have stayed and continued the augment but he hated arguing and knew that if he stayed much longer he would have given in. So instead he left and bought a pack of cigarettes to chain smoke somewhere in the city as he tried to still his nerves. He could not back down on this.
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