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Finding You [occurs before the group RP]

Amane sat up, he decided he had been staying at home way too much. It was time to go out. Who knows, maybe he would miraculously run into Shinji, if his boss hadn't maimed the man. He got out of bed and walked to his closet, grabbing a pair of low hanging, loose fitting jeans. He threw them on as he stumbled to his drawer; he pulled out an old X-Japan shirt. He walked into his bathroom and applied a bit of eyeliner, and brushed his hair. Amane looked at himself to make sure he was presentable and made his way to the front door. As he laced up his boots he was thinking of where to go and decided on a small coffee shop not too far away, he was in the mood for some chai. He made sure everything was off before leaving the apartment, Eishi was out on a date with his lover so he locked the door on his way out and stuck the key in his pocket.

Shinji sipped quietly, holding the warm cup in his hands and treasuring the homey smell of a vanilla chai, the warm blueberry muffin filling his protesting tummy quite well. His eyes slipped closed, and he gave a tiny sigh, a small half-smile coming to his bony face.

Amane made his way to the coffee shop and smiled to himself when he reached it. It felt good to get out of the apartment for something other than work. He tried to slip in quietly, but his attempt was futile as the bell on the door rung, announcing his arrival. He walked up to the counter and ordered his chai, he took a seat on the stool to wait for it to be made.

Shinji heard a bell ring, but paid it no mind, lost in the warmth and good feeling of being full. His imagination was running away with him; the only thing that could make the moment any better was Amane... Amane. Shinji sighed and put his cup down. Back to reality. What chance was there, really, that he was going to find his lover? He had no idea what district he lived in, much less his address, and he could feel his small reserves of hope fading.

Amane muttered a thanks as the attendant handed him his drink. He turned around in his chair and looked for a nice dark place to sit. He wanted to drown himself in his delicious drink and think about the only person who could make him happy. His eyes scanned the room and landed on a nice dark corner, but there was someone there already. It was too dark to make out who it was, but he decided to take the small booth next to it. He got up and made his way to the back. Amane stopped suddenly, he nearly dropped his chai as he recognized who was occupying the booth. "Sh-Shinji?" His voice squeaked, it couldn't be him. Those types of things only happen in the movies, never in real life. But he could always try, he could swear he saw Shinji's features in the shadows.

The younger man looked up from his drink, looking years older than he was; but the look vanished as he saw who it was, saying his name, standing in front of him. "Amane-san...!" Amane just stood there in shock.

"Is, is it really you?" He slowly took steps forward, inching closer to the booth. Shinji nodded, one wiry hand reaching out to touch the soft jaw line, mouth dropped open in shock, his eyes widening as he made contact with the soft skin he was so familiar with. Amane placed his drink on the table. He stepped even closer, leaning his head against Shinji's hand. He placed his own hand over the others and pressed it against his cheek.
Shinji smiled as sweetly as someone with a face and a past like his could, and pressed a gently kiss to the glossed lips, whispering against them, "I found you, I found you..." Amane pulled back and looked deep into Shinji's eyes. He couldn't believe he had found him.

"Shinji..." He pulled the younger man in for a sweet embrace. Bright tears worked their way out of Shinjis eyes, and he wanted to sink into the other mans skin, to curl in his torso and never come out again. His hands gripped Amanes’ sides almost painfully, and his whisper was barely audible.

"It’s really you."

"H-hai, it's really me." Amane only looked away from Shinji when the owner of the coffee shop started yelling for them to take their affair outside. He wrapped his arms tighter around Shinji and lead him towards the door, forgetting his chai and not caring at all. He now had something much more valuable. "Come to my apartment, please." Shinji nodded mutely, barely remembering to grab his backpack on the way outside. He laid his head against Amanes' shoulder, kissing his skin through the shirt and jacket.

"Of course..." Amane wrapped his arm around Shinji, he felt so happy. He walked up to his apartment building and unlocked the door, holding it open for Shinji, who walked in quietly, a shy smile turned to his lover as he pulled off his sneakers. He waited to be told what to do, having never been inside a home for anything but sex before.

Amane also removed his shoes, he looked at his guest. "Come on." He walked into the kitchen, turning around so he could see if Shinji was following him. "Sorry, I'm not much of a host....Just make yourself at home." Shinji blinked, but did as he was told, undressing completely and jumping onto the counter, smiling.

"You told me to make myself at home. At home, I'm always naked." He smirked playfully. Amane was taken completely by surprise as a very naked Shinji took a seat on his kitchen counter. He stepped in front of Shinji and ran his hands up those smooth thighs.

"Well, then I want you to make yourself at home every time we are together....And in my bedroom." Shinji smirked and leaned forward, not letting his lips touch his lovers.

"Oh really?" He whispered, wrapping his legs around the other mans waist. "You sure?" Amane quickly put his hands on the back of Shinji's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. He pulled away just as fast.

"Oh, I'm absolutely sure." He slid his hands down and pulled Shinji off the counter. Shinji laughed and buried his face in Amanes neck, sucking and licking at his skin, pressing his body close to the other mans with a tight moan.

"Ama-ne..." Amane made his way to his room, he shut the door even though they were alone. He laid Shinji on his bed and took a step back. He played with the hem of his shirt, teasing it slowly up his body. A soft moan of appreciation as his lovers body was bared. Shinji ached to touch his skin, to feel it under his tongue and fingertips, but he fought to hold still, reaching to swirl his fingers over the creamy skin of his tummy.

Amane threw the shirt somewhere in his room, not caring where. He then slowly unbutton his pants, pulling the zipper down reveling in the sound. He hooked his thumbs in the hem of his pants and pushed them off his body. Revealing his want. Shinjis' eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned loudly, his legs unconsciously spreading as he let his hand wander to his length, stroking the head with his sharp fingernails. Amane stepped out of his jeans and closer to Shinji. He watched with hungry eyes as his lover began to play with himself, his own hand wandering to his erection.

A sexy smirk, and Shinji shifted his sharp body so he was sitting up, stroking himself with more fervor, his mouth hovering just above his lovers erection, moaning hot air over it and pumping his hips. A shiver ran though Amane's body as Shinji breathed on him. He kept stroking himself, the breath adding to his pleasure. He looked down and watched as his lover stroked himself, wishing that it was his ass that was wrapped around Shinji and not the man's own hand. Shinjis' breaths turned to pants, and then to moans as he felt himself starting to come. He loved being watched, loved the dirty feeling it gave him. His balls tightened and white semen spat from his cock onto his hand and his lovers legs, his mouth drooping over the head of the others cock and sucked strongly.

Amane smiled as Shinji came, he enjoyed the feeling of the warm liquid as it ran down his legs. He gasped when Shinji started sucking on his head, coming earlier than expected. Another smirk, and Shinji leaned back, spreading his legs and massaging his opening with one cum-covered finger, moaning gently like the whore he was. Amane couldn't take it anymore, he had to touch his lover. He crawled on top of Shinji and raped his mouth with his own, replacing Shinji's finger with his own.

The loud whine was silenced as Amane took his mouth, Shinji encouraging him with small, desperate noises and gentle pumps of his hips. It felt so good, to be with the other man like this, to be so close physically and mentally. Amane explored Shinji's mouth, god he worships him. He grinded his hips against Shinji's, he loved the feeling of their erections grinding together as he moved from Shinji's mouth to his neck. Shinji cried out loudly, tilting his head for easier access as his body reacted. His legs spread like butterfly wings and he whined lowly, close to tears. "Amane..." He whimpered. "Please..." In response, Amane nipped and licked down Shinji's neck, moving to his collar bone. He repeatedly rubbed his hips against his lovers, loving the reaction he was getting.

"Please what? I wanna hear you beg me baby..." Amane was being uncharacteristically brash tonight, he wanted the younger man so badly. He had waited so long. Shinji cried out in pained ecstasy and arched his back, trying to get more contact with the other mans elusive body.

"Amane!" Tears fell from his pretty brown eyes, and he could feel himself swell from pressure. "God just fuck me!" Amane lifted Shinji's legs and positioned himself at the tight entrance. He claimed Shinji's lips and thrust into him simultaneously, muffling all cries of pain. He stilled himself until the other was comfortable.

The smaller man gave a quiet, desperate moan, heaving himself upwards to hold on to his lovers shoulders, pressing himself against them and clenching his hold on the others body. Amane moved from Shinji's soft lips and attacked his neck. He started to push in and out of his lover, picking up speed as the warm insides caressed him. "So...tight...Shin-kun..." Amane licked the red marks that he left over Shinji's neck, sucking on the skin lightly before moving to his chest. Shinji clung tightly to Amane, panting his name in barely-there breaths and kissing what he could of his lovers hands. He shivered, as the other mans' lips clamped down on a nipple, and his whisper was not at all unexpected - to him, anyway.

"Bite it..." Amane loved hearing his name tumble from Shinji's lips, he found the younger mans sweet spot and struck it repeatedly. "Hai..." He whispered against Shinji's nipple, biting down on it and drawing a small amount of blood. The moan that fell from his mouth was loud and long, and he took one hand away from Amane to dig it into his own side, his nails catching and tearing the skin, his pleasure increasing threefold. "Ah.... Amane...." He whispered through clenched teeth. "Make it hurt.... Please..."

Amane acquiesced to the plea and pounded harder into Shinji, their skin making loud slapping sounds. He licked the blood off Shinji's chest, and continued biting the pale flesh. Shinji shrieked and wriggled, arching up into those sharp teeth and bucking his hips. The pain felt so good, so real and it felt even better because it was Amane causing it, not some stranger, not Hakuei. Amane.

Amane grabbed Shinji's cock, he squeezed the tip and started pumping his hand. He was coming closer to release, pleasure was coursing through his body, making him moan his lover's name. He watched as purple marks showed themselves on Shinji's skin, knowing that he was marking the man as his own made him even more aroused.

The thin man heaved himself upwards, held up by only the stem of his neck, and came, mouth gaping, eyes wide open. His entire body spasmed, and as Amane his prostate again, another ribbon of semen spat from his cock to hit his chest and tummy. The feeling of Shinji constricting around him even further brought Amane right over the edge. He came, hard, inside the lithe form beneath him. Amane laid himself next to Shinji on the bed, he tried to return his breathing to normal. Short, gasping breaths fell from Shinjis’ lips and he pressed close to Amane, kissing him gently and wrapping his long arms around him. "Thank you..." He whispered, quietly, into the other mans blonde hair. Amane wrapped his arms around Shinji in return, his legs entwining with the others.

"I, should be thanking you...I have never had so much pleasure from causing someone pain.." Amane rained feather-light kisses over Shinji's face. A sweet, shy smile.

"Sou ka... It's exhilarating, isn't it? Complete control. That's why a lot of people are really into s+m." Shinji closed his eyes, relaxed, pushed himself closer.

"Hai." Amane loved being so close to Shinji, and he didn't want to let him go. He ran a finger over Shinji's cheek, "So beautiful.." Amane kissed the tip of Shinji's nose lightly. A blush. Shinji had never thought of himself as beautiful - plain, at best, and frightening, at worst. But hearing Amane say those things made them feel real, like he really was beautiful. He kissed his lovers cheek.

"You are beautiful." Amane returned the blush, accompanied with a sweet smile. Compliments always made him feel that way, he always blushed. He looked into Shinji's eyes, "Will you stay the night? I mean, can you?"

"I would love to stay." He curled closer to Amane, pressing his head between his chin and collarbone. "I have to see Zen, tomorrow, but that's not until later... I want to stay."

"Okay, but I don't want to lose you again...it was too painful." Amanes heart wrenched at the thought of losing Shinji, he tried to push the thought out of his mind, but like all bad things it was always haunting him. Shinji kissed his neck.

"Shh, Shh... I'm not going anywhere, Amane, I'm not. I'll be right here." He kissed his jaw and cheek, smiling. "I'll be here in the morning. And I expect a wonderful wake up call." He smirked a little. Amane stroked Shinji's hair, he smiled back. Relieved that Shinji wanted to stay.

"And you shall have it." Amane kissed Shinji's forehead. "I shall make you breakfast.....And then we will have to take a shower." Amane had a coy look on his face, he winked as his lover. Shinji smirked, then his big eyes got wider.

"Shower? Really?" His face lit up in joy. Amane laughed at Shinji's reaction.

"Yes, a shower, we are quite dirty." Amane took some of the cum that was still on Shinji's chest and spread it on he mans lips. He leaned down and licked it off, kissing the sweet lips. Shinji laughed and bit Amanes lip gently.

"Mm. Can't wait."

"Me neither." Amane laid his head on the pillow and closed his eyes. "I-" He cut himself off, he wanted to tell Shinji how he felt, but he didn't know if the other reciprocated the feelings. "I love you." He said it anyway, hoping for the best. The other boys’ mouth dropped open a little, and he looked at the other man in wonder and hope. Never had anyone said something like that and meant it. He blinked, and asked quietly,

"R...Really?" Amane opened his eyes to find Shinji looking at him. He placed a hand on the other's cheek.

"H-hai. I do." Shinji blinked again, this time to hold back tears. Honesty was such a rare thing, and to hear it, in those words, directed at him, made his heart swell. He threw his arms around the other mans neck, and hugged him tightly.

"I think I love you too..." He whispered, smiling. Amane finally breathed as Shinji spoke. He returned the hug, pulling away only to kiss his koi. A sweet, goofy smile, and Shinji nuzzled down against Amanes skin. "Get some sleep, ne? I'm sure we'll have... A load of fun in the morning."

"We will..." Amane closed his eyes again and let sleep overtake him, the warmth of the other proved to be very comfortable and made him even sleepier. They fell asleep there, tangled together like children, their breathing soft, and melodic.

The next morning, Amane slowly opened his eyes, he blinked a few times to get the sleep out of them. He looked down and saw that Shinji was still sleeping. He slowly and quietly unwound himself. He threw on a pair of lounge pants and crept to the kitchen. He started to make some tea for the two of them

Shinji gave a loud yawn as he woke up, stretching under the covers and flopping back down. He was exhausted. He blinked a few times, and decided to pull the covers back over his head; he was tired, and Amane was probably getting something to eat, so he was going to sleep a little bit more.

Amane decided on a traditional American breakfast. He scrambled some eggs and made some sausage. He scrambled around the kitchen, doing four things at once, he threw some toast in the toaster and turned it on. The rest of the food was finished. He quietly walked to his room, opening the door. He leaned against the frame and watched Shinji sleep for a little while.

Shinji poked his head out from under the pillows, blinking blearily at Amane. "Something smells good." He said, yawning again, and sitting up to rub at his face with his hands. Amane smiled and walked up to the bed. He pulled the covers down, revealing his lover.

"That is your breakfast. Now come on, get up. Or do I have to carry you?" Amane kissed Shinji's forehead, he smiled at he teased the younger man. Shinji pouted, but stood, feeling sticky from last night and blushing at his nakedness. He'd seen himself in a mirror before, knew his stark bones were not pleasant to look at. He smiled sheepishly, and took Amanes hand. Amane lifted Shinji out of the bed, he noticed the look on Shinji's face.

"I have more pairs of pants if you want one. Plus I don't think I will be able to think straight with you naked all the time." He wrapped his arms around the bony figure, giving him a tight hug. Shinji blushed, but nodded, knowing he probably wouldn't be able to control himself, either.

"Pants... would be good..." Amane chuckled and got Shinji a pair of black pants. He waited until they were on the other's body and led him to the kitchen. Luckily the toast hadn't burnt. He took them out and got plates ready.

"Have a seat." Amane motioned towards the table and chairs with his head. Shinji did as he was asked and sat, watching Amane move about the kitchen like he was born to. It was fascinating to watch someone who knew what they were doing cook and prepare food. His mother, when he had still lived with her, had taught him how to cook a little bit, but he wasn't proficient enough to be like Amane, who looked totally at home in his kitchen.

Amane placed Shinji's plate in front of him, he poured the other some tea before getting some for himself. He got his own plate ready and sat across from Shinji, whose brown eyes shot wide open. "Oh my god, I can't eat all of this, I'll explode!" It was said in total seriousness, almost comically as he gaped at Amane like a child gapes at their parent. Amane smiled.

"Just eat as much as you can. I won't be offended." He started to eat his food, making sure that it tasted good. Shinji nodded, and took a bite of the eggs and then the sausage. His smile lit up the room.

"It's wonderful, Amane! Thank you!" He proceeded to eat as much as he could, almost clearing his plate, but not quite. He smiled proudly. "All done!"

"Thank you." Amane smiled, "I'm glad you aren't repulsed by my cooking. Eishi always teases me." Amane took their plates and placed them in the sink. He moved up to Shinji and sat on his lap. He ran his finger over the other's smooth chest. "So dirty...I think you need a shower." Shinji smiled darkly.

"Mm. I think I do too." He shivered under the touch and kissed the others torso. "So, what are we waiting for?" Amane took Shinji's hand and kissed the palm before getting up, pulling the younger man with him. He led Shinji to the bathroom. The thin man followed obediently, smirking to himself as the pants began to ride low on his hips. He leaned against the counter, and wiggled out of them, letting them drop to the floor beneath him with a sly smirk.

Amane hooked his thumbs in the hem of his own pants, pushing them down and off his body. He reluctantly turned away from the sight of a naked Shinji and turned on the water. He turned back, a devious look in his eye. He lifted Shinji up onto the counter, making himself a home between the mans legs. Shinji bit his lip coyly and smiled. "Naughty boy, you are." He kissed Amane so swiftly, it almost didn't happen, and leaned back again, smirking. Amane lifted one of his eyebrows.

"You bring it out in me." He teasingly ran a finger down Shinji's chest, getting closer to his cock but stopping just before contact. He pushed himself away from the counter and stepped behind the shower curtain, motioning for Shinji to follow him with one finger. The skinny man did as directed, stepping into the shower and sighing as warm water hit his skin. He hadn't showered by himself, or with someone he cared about in so long... It felt beautiful. Amane stepped back as Shinji joined him. He leaned against the wall and just watched to water run over Shinji's body, it was a beautiful sight; he blushed as he became aroused.

When Shinji opened his eyes, he was pleased to see that Amane had been watching him. He leaned close to him, wrapped his arms around his neck, and pulled him under the water. There he kissed him, locking their mouths together against the hot water that ran over their skin. Amane moaned into the kiss. He pressed himself closer against Shinji's hot body. He wanted him again, and again. He couldn't get enough of the man.

With a tiny giggle, Shinji threw one leg up around Amanes' waist, and leaned against him. His lovers body was warm and sweet-smelling, and he kissed his neck, knowing the reaction it would get. Amane placed his hand on Shinji's leg, he let it trail upwards and over Shinji's ass. And, sure enough, he stretched his neck out, wanting more attention. And Shinji responded, licking and biting gently, his eyes closing against the water and his erection growing, pressing against Amanes’ flat stomach.

Amane moved his hand towards Shinji's member. He stroked it lightly, running his fingers from base to tip and back again. The hips beneath his fingers jerked a little and a soft gasp carried through the water to his lovers ear. Shinji wasted no time in clenching his fingers against Amanes’ shoulders, a quiet demand. Amane traced his lovers entrance with his finger, slowly teasing the digit inside. He fully wrapped his other hand around Shinji's cock, pumping slowly. The tantalizing nips at his neck was affecting him in the most obvious of ways, his cock becoming painfully hard. Shinji was not helping matters, his soft tenor raspy and deep as he panted out his satisfaction, noises taking the place of words. He didn’t care, he didn’t care that what he said made no sense, only that it got the massage to his lover. He bit at his shoulder gently, like a teething child, and moaned quietly, pressing back against the digit that invaded him, wishing for something far more substantial.

Amane pushed another finger inside of his love, he knew what the man wanted, but he also didn't want to always cause him so much pain. As his fingers danced inside of the other he continued to stroke him, he pinched Shinji's head every once in a while, he loved to hear his moans. A long, high whine, and Shinji jerked his hips, releasing a sound that he didn’t know he was capable of making. He was so hard, so hot, so ready, and Amane was still preparing him like he was a virgin... He growled a little in frustration. "Amane...! Stop teasing me!" Obeying, Amane pulled his hands away from the younger man and turned him around. Pushing him up against the tiled wall. He thrust into Shinji, the mans warmth surrounding him immediately. He threw his head back, mouth open at the tight confines. He moaned his lovers name.

The extreme difference between the warmth of his lovers body and the cold of the tiles behind his back made Shinji scream more than the pressure of taking in his lover all at once. He liked it that way, always had, and liked not having to worry about Amane thinking he would break him. He threw one leg around Amanes’ lean body, urging him closer and capturing the open mouth with his own, barely licking at the thin lips. His lovers’ hips bucked on their own, his cock seemed to have a mind of it's own and searched out Shinji's sweet spot without much problem. Amane forced his tongue inside the others mouth, tasting him. He brought his hand between them, grabbing the mans cock again. Shinji panted into the others mouth, breathing, barely, holding on for dear life as his body was pressed back and forth, up and down. He squeezed Amane as tightly as he could, ashamed of his short stamina as he wailed his release loud enough for the entire building to hear.

Waves of pleasure rolled through Amanes’ body, as his lover constricted around him, bringing him over the edge right after. He thrust deeply once more and emptied himself. Amane tried to catch his breath, and leaned his head on Shinji's shoulder. He kissed his skin a few times before pulling away, grabbing a soft sponge and cleaning Shinji off, treating him like the prince he was. The smaller man blushed a little at the attention, but shook off the embarrassment in favor of a gentle smile, one reserved especially for his lover. He lathered his hands in soap and ran them over the smooth chest, cleaning in a sensual, sweet manner that he’d never been able to share with anyone else.

Amane placed Shinji under the streaming water, he watched as the remnants of soap ran down his body. God, he couldn't keep his hands off of him. He wanted to be with the man all the time, but he knew this couldn't be. He knew that eventually Shinji would have to go back to where they first met, that he would have to share himself with other men. Amane was ashamed, but he felt a bit of jealously towards them, that they would take his lover and discard him away, not even thinking that he had feelings. He tried to erase his mind of these horrible thoughts, hoping that Shinji didn't see the momentary look of sadness that shadowed his features. He turned off the water and stepped out, waiting for his lover to follow.

Shinji stepped out of the shower, clean and completely satiated. Deliciously sore, he smiled and hugged his lover close to him. "Ne, Amane. Daijoubu?" He’d seen an emotion flash in his face, but hadn’t had time to recognize it. He leaned his head on his shoulder, wrapping his arms around his lover and guarding what he could from the cold bite of the bathroom air. Amane smiled sweetly at the affection, he kissed Shinji's wet hair.

"Hai, I think. Oh I want you to stay forever, but I know that you can't." He guided Shinji back into his room and laid with him on the bed, wrapping them both in the blankets. Shinji frowned discontentedly. He’d hoped that he wouldn’t think about going back to the home, back to Hakuei. He didn’t want to, never wanted to, but in the end, he would be forced to. Not by Hakuei himself, oh no, but by his own lack of any resistance to the other mans demands. Hakuei always had the edge over Shinji, because he had taken in him in, ‘cared for him’, for the past five years of his life. It was almost like familial obligation, and Shinji hated it more than he would ever express to anyone besides himself. Amane shook his head. "Let's not think of that. You are here now and that's all that matters." He wrapped his arms around the bony man, offering him warmth. He pushed Shinji's hair out of his face and just looked at him.

Shinjis’ expression lightened considerably. Just being with Amane made him feel good. He would never be sure if it was because Amane had taken the time to notice that he was a person, and not an automaton, or if it was simply because he’d been in the right place at the right time, but the prostitute was grateful for him nonetheless. He held something very dear to Shinji now, something that couldn’t be broken anymore. He knew his heart was safe in the protective circle of the other mans’ hands, and knowing that made him throw all inhibitions to the wind. He simply didn’t care. He smiled and rolled onto his stomach. "Are we going to sit in bed and have sex all day?" He smirked childishly, wiggling his backside under the covers and leering. Amane chuckled at the question, leaning closer and lightly dragging a finger over Shinji's body. He watched his hand trace the other, when he was satisfied that he touched every part that he wanted he looked back up, a rare smile gracing his features.

"I sure hope so."
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